Our Alumni.

MGIM alumni are innovative, global citizens — translating their MGIM experience into vibrant careers from market research to clinical medicine, from product development to scientific research. From the United States to France to China, MGIM alumni are creating value for Fortune 500 corporations and small businesses alike.

Where are they now

Read stories of recent MGIM alumni and how they are putting their MGIM experience to work.

Kaitlin Redmond, MGIM Class of 2014

“This is a good choice for young professionals who are driven to succeed. … I looked into programs all across the United States, but the MGIM was a good choice for my technical background. It was a chance to gain core business experience, and it definitely taught me to think globally.” Read more about Kaitlin.

Michelle Cella, MGIM Class of 2013

“After five years of teaching, it was a good time in my life to try something different … although my current role is an interest twist on teaching statistics. An aspect of my job that I look forward to every day is teaching different teams how to use specific tools.” Read more about Michelle.

Derek Warmack, MGIM Class of 2012

“The small, intimate size of the program and the diversity of the students drew me to MGIM…It will change how you look at the world, and you will love it.” Read more about Derek.

Yann Caussel, MGIM Class of 2012

“When you actually earn degrees from another country, it helps you in having an international business career…I saw that this was my opportunity to earn a degree from an American business school and also increase my chances of being hired by an American company.” Read more about Yann.