Current Students

MGIM students study hard in the classroom, work hard on innovation projects outside of the classroom, and also manage to find time to enjoy the camaraderie of their close-knit classes. Links to relevant resources for current MGIM students are listed below.

Resources for Current Students

Visa Information

All students interested in the MGIM program will need a valid passport and visa for traveling to France or The United States. We recommend your passport be valid for a year past the last date you will need to travel for the program.

Due to an inordinate backlog in U.S. passport processing, interested American students who are not current passport holders should apply now for a passport. Accepted students should contact the appropriate partner for assistance with the Visa application.

All non-French Citizens will need to apply for a French Visa once admitted. All non-U.S. Citizens will need to apply for a U.S. Visa once admitted.

Spring Orientation

During the Spring semester, MGIM students will complete NC State Graduate Student Orientation. To get a jump start on everything you need to know about NC State, please refer to the NC State Graduate Student Orientation website. You will find information about the campus, online learning tools, housing, and much more.