For Employers

To overcome the great challenges facing your business, you need more than good ideas. You need bold, actionable solutions. The Master of Global Innovation Management program instills in graduate students a hands-on, solutions-driven approach to innovation management, preparing them to make an impact in your organization from day one.

How to engage MGIM students

The MGIM program highly values partnerships with companies and has worked or currently works with brands like Air Products, Gemalto, Lenovo, Pentair and Red Hat. Students are required to complete Innovation Projects, practica based on real company innovation management challenges. We welcome your interest in this process.

Why recruit MGIM students?

MGIM students complete a one-year intensive graduate degree program specifically focused on innovation management. The curriculum guides students through business fundamental and innovation management electives at two top-ranked business schools, NC State Jenkins Graduate School of Management (USA) and IAE-Aix (France).

The MGIM program incorporates a hands-on, real company Innovation Project, providing students a safe environment in which to put into practice their learned knowledge and skills.

MGIM students also bring to your organization a global perspective through living, studying and working in two countries (USA and France) during their program, studying alongside classmates from around the world, and completing global innovation projects. Students have the option to delay graduation by several months in order to complete a summer innovation internship in China.

How to tap into MGIM talent

MGIM students are in France until early January, and then in the United States until April. They will be seeking internships or full-time career positions with start dates as early as May 2015. MGIM students come to the program with a variety of backgrounds and graduate capable of supporting innovation management efforts in any industry. Typical post-graduation job titles include:

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Program Analyst
  • Product Development
  • Brand Management
  • Consulting


Corporate Partnerships

To discuss how your company could tap into MGIM talent through sponsorship of an Innovation Project, contact US-based Leigh Shamblin, Ed. D., director, MGIM Program, NC State Jenkins, or 919.513.2660. Or, contact France-based Anne-Marie Guérin, co-director, MGIM Program, AMGSM – IAE, or +33 442 280 816.

Recruit Students

To discuss internship and full-time career recruiting opportunities, contact Mandy Sink, Jenkins Career Management Center, or 919.513.0533.