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Student Network Groups Provide Support

Poole College of Management fosters support through student network groups, professional mentors and peer mentors.

Since 2009, Poole College’s incoming freshmen and undergraduate transfer students have been taking a unique introductory class: M100 – Diversity, Professionalism and Academic Success.

A key component of this course is the opportunity it provides for students to connect with other students and business professionals through Student Network Groups (SNGs). The combination of coursework and networking enables students to apply what they learn in the classroom and expand their understanding of the real world business environment.

Professional and peer mentors are a key component of the SNGs. Professionals from large and small corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies provide real world insight from the daily routine perspective, while students, by sharing from their own experiences on campus, help new business students make decisions regarding class selection as well as steps to take for social and academic success.

Students chose to participate in one or more Student Network Groups, based on the connections they desire to foster. The goal of the groups is to:

  • foster a sense of community, belonging and connection within the larger university
  • build an awareness of diversity and inclusivity among students
  • provide access to professional and student role models
  • provide students opportunities to develop networking skills

Professional mentors from the Raleigh business community meet with their student groups at the start of the semester and stay in touch by email or through business and cultural events and networking activities that they arrange throughout the semester.

The student mentor plays a vital role in linking members of the group, promoting diversity, and maintaining communication with the professional mentor. The student mentors also attend cultural events and social networking activities with their group members and professional mentors. The following list is this year’s SNGs and their professional and peer mentors:

Student Network Groups and Mentors for the 2011 – 12 Academic Year:

  • African American: Greg Purnsley, Christina Moss and Veronica Sawyer, professional mentors; Devon Mitchell and Abigail Young, student mentors
  • Asian/Pacific Islander: Dennis Tran, Vicki Burrows, director of special events and alumni relations in the College of Management and Reecie Dolan, professional mentors; Will Zheng and Catherine Ma, student mentors.
  • Commuters: Linda McRae, professional mentor.
  • Hispanic/Latina: Linda Jordan, Tamara Welch and Tony Poillucci, professional mentors; Amanda Bravo, Griffin Curnell and Maria Vazquez-Lang, student mentors.
  • International: Jim Crawford, Bearta Powell and Nipun Bhonsie, professioal mentors; Paula Sujkowski, Eran Swartz, Robert Jordan and Catherine Pirzadeh, student mentors.
  • Men’s: Jonathan Perry, Richard Stroder and Logan Teague, professional mentors; Scott Buchanan, Zach Summers, James Robinson, and Ian Clark, student mentors.
  • Military: Darrell Kain, a career coach, and Greg Young, professional mentors; Elizabeth Buckley, student mentor
  • Out-of-State: Stephanie Skaff, a college alumna, and Bina Thakkar, professional mentors; Kristen Paese and Chris Prosser, student mentors.
  • Women’s: Mary Capucilli, Shannon Cook and Lauren Herring, professional mentors; Amanda Purefoy, Stephanie Pritchard and Kristen Murphy, student mentors.

For more information about the course Management 100 and the Student Network Groups, contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies in 2150 Nelson Hall

Author: Linda McKnight for the NC State Poole College of Management