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Professor Joseph Brazel Discusses The Impact of Large Credit Card Purchases Over The Holidays

The holiday season is a time of giving that can be heavy on the average American’s wallet. Many Americans are left reeling from credit card bills and bank statements that impact the next year’s spending. WalletHub conducted a national survey that found that Americans mainly use credit and debit cards for large purchases and that 34 percent of them worry about maxing out their credit cards over the holidays from these purchases. Poole College’s Joseph Brazel, a professor of accounting, contributed to the survey’s findings as an expert and discussed the setbacks of large credit card purchases. “Other than missing out on credit card miles or points, I think paying up front in cash at least suggests that the purchase has been planned and saved for,” said Brazel when touching on the benefits of using cash for large purchases versus credit cards. Read more about credit card purchases on WalletHub.