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Joseph Brazel Receives $24,800 CAQ Research Advisory Board Grant

Joseph Brazel, Jenkins Distinguished professor of accounting, recently received a Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) Research Advisory Board grant for $24,800. In addition to the grant, the CAQ provides audit professionals to help complete the proposed study’s experiment. 

In collaboration with Tammie Schaefer, associate professor of accounting from the University of Missouri at Kansas City, the study “False Positives vs. Hit Rates: Does the Framing of Data Analytic Calibration Affect Auditor Skepticism?” aligns with the Research Advisory Board’s Request for Proposals and interest in research on professional skepticism and data analytics. The study looks into the potential of false positives in data analytics and how well-calibrated analytic tools can improve audit staff responses to fraud red flags.

“Our proposed study will investigate a novel way of addressing auditor concerns over increased rates of false positives associated with analytic tools,” said Brazel. “Our research will offer practical, hands-on recommendations to audit practitioners, specialists in analytics, trainers, educators, and others interested in the potential role and uses of data visualization tools and how the integration of these various tools can enhance critical thinking and professional skepticism.” 

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