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Poole College Transfer Student Week Takes a Closer Look at the Largest Incoming Student Population

Every third week of October is #TransferStudentWeek where Poole College celebrates the success of our internal and external transfer students. 

Poole College of Management is spending the week of October 19 celebrating our external transfer students and those who came to Poole College through the Change of Degree Application (CODA) process. National Transfer Student Week recognizes the accomplishments of transfer students and the faculty, staff and fellow classmates who have supported them. 

Out of 749 applications, Poole College welcomed 251 transfer students for the fall 2020 semester with many leading student organizations, have global engagement experience and hold jobs and internships.

“If we could, we’d like to celebrate Poole transfer and CODA students every week,” said Megan Van Hook, an academic advisor for undergraduate programs. “However this year especially, we are excited to celebrate National Transfer Week where we can highlight the resiliency and accomplishments of our Poole transfer and CODA students. Their paths to Poole are important stories to share and Poole transfer and CODA students are an integral part of our Poole community!”

Fall 2020 By the Numbers

For the fall 2020 semester, Poole saw more students start as CODA and transfer students than first-year freshmen. Many students come to Poole with over 50 credit hours and a 3.4 grade point average (GPA).

The Average GPA is 3.4

Incoming transfer students enter Poole with above average GPAs

51% Come from Exploratory Studies

Over half of CODA students come from the NC State exploratory studies program

64.9% Come from NC Community Colleges

The majority of fall transfer students come from community colleges in North Carolina

Represent 10 States and 3 Countries

The fall 2020 transfer class comes from 10 states and 3 countries

87% Took a Class at Poole

Many students took at business course with Poole College prior to transferring

Meet our Transfer Students

Mildreck Dreaver
Mildreck Dreaver, a senior at Poole College from Wake Technical Community College

Mildreck Dreaver

Mildreck Dreaver came to NC State from Wake Technical Community College to take advantage of resources and opportunities while studying business management with a concentration in supply chain management. She spent her 2020 summer completing an internship with Ally Finance where she gained experience working in the new virtual world. 

“The accomplishment that I am most proud of is that I have been able to keep engaged with school the whole time. I kept great grades despite my busy life and the language barrier,” said Dreaver. “I am from Colombia and married with two kids, so I am not as young as most of the traditional-age college students.”

Will Velazquez Witosky
Will Velazquez Witosky, a senior transfer student from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Will Velazquez Witosky

Coming from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Will Velazquez Witosky dove right in to Poole College by becoming a student ambassador while earning a bachelor’s degree in finance and completing the data analytics honors certification. 

“The more you utilize Poole and the incredible resources that are offered from both the professional staff and teaching faculty the more you get out of it,” said Witosky. “It builds your on-campus network and you are a professional simultaneously.”

Witosky spent his summer as a global finance and business management intern with JP Morgan Chase. He will be starting there full-time in July following May graduation.

Sarah Gluck
Sarah Gluck, a junior pursuing a degree in business administration

Sarah Gluck

Sarah Gluck is a proud Poole College student ambassador and secretary of the NC State club softball team. Gluck is a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in information technology after transferring from Indiana University at Bloomington.

She recently took three online classes while learning basic coding languages and coaching youth softball teams.

“Don’t be hesitant to meet new people and try new things. Transfer and CODA students make up a larger part of Poole than most people would expect, so you are not alone,” said Gluck.

Katelynn Ocariza
Katelynn Ocariza, a CODA student from the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHASS)

Katelynn Ocariza

Katelynn Ocariza is a CODA student from the College of Humanities and Social Science (CHASS) joining Poole to study human resources. She is planning to continue her role as a human resource intern with First Citizens Bank while looking towards graduation at the end of the semester. She has accepted a full-time business analyst position with First Citizens Bank after graduation.

“I was involved with College Mentors for Kids as a mentor, social media director and as a part of the founding engagement team,” said Ocariza. “I was also involved with the Impact Leadership Village as the vice president of event planning.”

Trey Corriher
Trey Corriher, a senior CODA student from the College of Design

Trey Corriher

A CODA student from the College of Design, Trey Corriher believes students get the most out of their college by getting involved with student organizations. He currently serves a Poole College peer leader and president of the Collegiate Shag Organization, a club that meets regularly for “Shag Nights” which consist of swing dancing, line dancing and more.

“This past summer I completed a 10-week virtual internship with Lowes as a supply chain inventory and replenishment intern,” said Corriher. “Despite being remote, I was able to complete a project focused on the inventory for the flooring department.”

Corriher appreciates that even in the new remote learning environment, Poole College students are still able to have a positive experience and allows peer leaders to continue helping classmates feel welcome. 

Sheridan Kum
Sheridan Kum, a junior CODA student from the exploratory studies program

Sheridan Kum

Sheridan Kum was a CODA student from the exploratory studies program now majoring in business administration. He recently contributed to research on entrepreneurial ecosystems over the summer.

“Feel free to take your time for your CODA decision, but don’t hesitate to consult the resources at your disposal, especially your advisor,” said Kum. “They are knowledgeable, understanding, and above all, a large proponent of your success.”

Benjamin Tillman
Benjamin Tillman, a senior Poole College transfer student from South Piedmont Community College

Benjamin Tillman

Benjamin “Benny” Tillman is a senior in Poole College majoring in business administration with a concentration in information technology. Tillman transferred to NC State from South Piedmont Community College and is currently serving as the Poole College diversity and inclusion communications intern.

“For transfer students, this may be going to college in a different state, leaving home for the first time, or even taking a new class. However, these years provide an opportunity for growth every single day, so take that step, or leap, and go for it,” said Tillman.

He recently finished an internship in his hometown working for the Anson County School District technology department.