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Economics Student Spotlight: Yiming Lin


By Ayah Mohamed

Yiming Lin is a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in the graduate economics program at NC State Poole College of Management and the College of Agriculture and Resource Economics. Lin has research interests in macroeconomics and applied time series econometrics and has research publications and papers in progress on economic policies. Lin also serves as an independent instructor, lab instructor and graduate teaching assistant for various courses.

Approaching graduation, Lin has embarked on her job search and though the experience is new to her, she is excited for what awaits her beyond NC State.

“There were confusions and worries before joining the [job] market but they gradually disappeared as our department provided as much support as possible,” said Lin.

Under the advisement of James Nason, professor of economics, Lin has submitted multiple applications and edited her paper for graduation. She also received advice on her paper, presentation and application package from her dissertation committee members.

By utilizing economics department resources, Lin was able to attend professional advising sessions and participate in mock interviews. This process has brought Lin closer to her peers and other professionals and, with the help she received from her team at NC State, Lin is confident for the chapter ahead.

“I am at the first stage of entering the job market now, and the help [I received] encouraged me to go on this long process,” said Lin.

Yiming’s Student Experience

For the past two years Lin has served as a representative for the economics department’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) where she has expanded upon her professional skills. In this role, Lin has drafted new immigration policies, pushed for changes in tuition fees, written emails from the university and been the voice of her department within NC State’s GSA.

“I am delighted when my actions get the voice of our fellow students heard,” said Lin.

Lin has also worked as a member of the Community and Social Engagement (CASE) committee at the university’s GSA where her experience in organizing events with colleagues benefited her professionally and personally.

“I hope more of us would get involved in GSA and our community,” said Lin. “I believe that will be favorable for us when seeking jobs in both academia and industry.”

Lin has seen a direct change in the job search process because of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the interview process. She has seen the difficulties for interviewers and candidates to truly get to know one another through the now virtual process. However, Lin continues to practice and refines her online interview conversations in order to perform her best in real-life situations.

Life After NC State

While Lin is hoping to find a research-based career, she is open to new experiences and opportunities in the economics field. She has been searching in different locations while looking for a diverse team to open new doors in her career with. 

“No matter what kind of work I will do in the future, I hope I can continue to be curious, proactive and dedicated.”