Dec 21, 2017

Movement Towards Benevolent Business Being Led by Triangle Academics

As a leader in the B Corp movement, NC State’s Business Sustainability Collaborative took a key role in the annual global meeting of the B Corp Academic Community which took place in Toronto, Canada, in 2017.

Aug 15, 2017  |  Research

Faculty Research Award Recipient Profile: Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya

For Dr. Kemahlioglu-Ziya, understanding how different supply chains run and researching ways to make them run efficiently is exciting; it drives her research, teaching.

May 31, 2017

Ryan O’Donnell Continues Using Business as a Force for Good

2014 Poole graduate focuses on creating businesses with a social mission

Apr 7, 2017  |  Students

Earth Fair Showcases Sustainability

Poole College has a number of events on the NC State University’s Earth Month activities, including a display by the Business Sustainability Collaborative that was part of the 2017 Earth Fair held on April 5 in the Brickyard. The event was hosted […]

Mar 31, 2017  |  Faculty and Staff

Faculty Integrate Sustainability In Business Courses

"What we've found is that students are interested in sustainability ... what professors are already teaching can include a sustainability component." - Rosanna Garcia

Feb 24, 2017  |  Industry

John Replogle’s Career Starters: Jumbo Shrimp, A Beer Magazine, Good Mentors

Look at that first job out of college as a foundational time, an incredible time of building, and force yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Feb 5, 2017  |  Industry

One Simple Ingredient Could Make Diapers Better for the Planet

“Diapers aren’t the most environmentally-friendly thing on Earth…but one pantry staple just may be the key to making them less harmful,” according to an article in the website The article cites a product being developed by Tethis, a company founded […]

Jan 20, 2017  |  Industry

Red Hat: Students Help Companies Become B Corp Certified … Boost Environmental Social Impact

Is a for-profit company’s only goal to generate profit? A growing number of Triangle-area businesses now also consider social and environmental impact as measurs of success, and a cohort of local college students are helping quantify and amplify that impact. […]

Nov 10, 2016

BSC Director Jessica Thomas honored for teaching business as a force for good

Jessica Thomas (right) received the 2016 Bill Clark Award for her role in “helping to scale the B Corp Clinic to train a new generation of leaders while also empowering companies to improve their impact.”

Nov 9, 2016

An Interview with FoodCon 2016 Student Organizers

What is FoodCon all about? Two of the student organizers provide insight in this pre-event interview about local, sustainable food chains.