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Al Headen

Associate Professor

Nelson Hall 4164



Ph. D., Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (1981)


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Department and Affiliations

Department of Economics

Area(s) of Expertise

Health Economics

Research Publications

  • Price, G. N., Darity, Jr., W. A., and Headen, A. E., “Does the Stigma of Slavery Explain The Maltreatment of Blacks by Whites? The Case of Lynchings,” Journal of Socio-Economics, February 2008.
  • Al Headen with Neal Masia and Kirsten Axelsen, “Effects of Medicaid Access Restrictions on Statin Utilization for Patients Seeing Physicians Practicing in Poor and Minority Neighborhoods.” PharmacoEconomics Supplement 3, December 2006
  • Al Headen, “Medicaid Preferred Drug Cost Containment and Side-effects,” Pharmacoeconomics, Suppl. 3, December 2006.
  • Headen, A., K.G. Manton, and M.A. Woodbury, “Co-morbidity and Black and White Disparities in Health and Functional Status,” The Review of Black Political Economy, Fall 2003.