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Annette Ranft

Dean, Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Chair, Poole College of Management

Nelson Hall 2102


Ph.D., Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, (1997)


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Department and Affiliations

Office of the Dean

Area(s) of Expertise

Merger and Acquisition Integration, Knowledge-based Perspectives, Strategic Leadership, and Innovation

Research Publications

  • Norman, P. M., Butler, F. C., & Ranft, A. L. (2013) Resources matter: Examining the effects of resources on the state of firms following downsizing. Journal of Management. 39: 2009-2038.
  • Upson, J. W., Connelly, B., Ketchen, D. J., & Ranft, A.L. (2012) Competitor analysis and foothold moves. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 93-110.
  • Ellis, K., Reus, T., Lamont, B.T., & Ranft, A.L. (2011) Transfer effects in large acquisitions: How size-specific experience matters. Academy of Management Journal, 54: 1261-1276.
  • Reus, T., Ranft, A. L., Lamont, B. T., & Adams, G. (2009) An interpretive systems view of knowledge investments. Academy of Management Review, 34: 382-400.
  • Ranft, A. & Lord, M. (2002) Acquiring new technologies and capabilities: A grounded model of acquisition implementation. Organization Science, 13: 420-441.
  • Ranft, A. & O’Neill, H. (2001) Board composition and high-flying firms: Hints of trouble to come? Academy of Management Executive, 15: 126-138.
  • Ranft, A. & Lord, M. (2000) Acquiring new knowledge: The role of retaining human capital in acquisitions of high-tech firms. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 11:295-319.