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Beverly Tyler

Professor of Strategic Management

Poole College Board of Advisors Faculty Scholar

Senior Visiting Fellow Judge Business School, Cambridge University

HPC Visiting Professor, HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab, University of Bath School of Management

Department of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Nelson Hall 1322


Beverly B. Tyler, professor in the Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NC State Poole College, received her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University (chair, Dr. Jay Barney) in 1992 where her research focused on top executive information processing and organizational decision making. During her early career she extended her research to include organizational and inter-organizational cooperation and relationship management. More recently she has applied cognitive, organizational, and relational lenses to the domains of new product development, supplier relationship management, international investment decisions, performance feedback, and university-industry-government research relationships. Although she is primarily a behavioral theorist, Dr. Tyler values and often seeks to integrate multiple theoretical perspectives in her publications.

Currently, Dr. Tyler is pursuing several projects that consider multi-sector, multilevel, interdisciplinary collaboration focused on developing innovative technology. She is also extending her research on how job roles influence contract evolution to the context of new product development in video games. She continues to use a multi-method approach in her research: policy capturing experimental designs, data analysis of large sample databases, analysis of documents and interviews, mail surveys, and cognitive mapping methods. Dr. Tyler’s research has appeared in Organizational Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Journal of Engineering and Technology Management.


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Ph.D., Strategy, Texas A&M University (1992)

Area(s) of Expertise

Top executive information processing, organizational decision making, organizational and inter-organizational cooperation, and multi-sector interdisciplinary collaborative innovation.

Intellectual Contributions

  • Tyler, B.B., Lahneman, B., Beukel, K., Cerrato, D., Minciullo, M., Spielmann, N., & Discua Cruz, A. (2018). “SME Managers’ Perceptions of Competitive Pressure and the Adoption of Environmental Practices in Fragmented Industries: A Multi-Country Study in the Wine Industry.” Organization & Environment.
  • Vogel, K. M., Jameson, J. K., Tyler, B. B., Joines, S., Evans, B., & Rendon, H. (2017). “The Importance of Organizational Innovation and Adaptation in Building Academic-Industry-Intelligence Collaboration: Observations from the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences.” The International Journal of Intelligence, Security, and Public Affairs, 19(3): 171-196.
  • Tyler, B, and Caner, T. (2016). “The Relationship between New Product Introductions below Aspiration Levels, R&D Alliances, and Slack in U.S. Biopharmaceutical Firms: A Behavioral Theory Perspective; Strategic Management Journal [Accepted January 12, 2015].
  • Lawson, B., Tyler, B.B., and Potter, A. (2015). “Strategic Suppliers  Technical Contributions to New Product Advantage: Substitution and Configuration Options; Journal of Product Innovation Management [Accepted Feb. 18, 2014].
  • Caner, T., and Tyler, B. (2015). “The Effects of Knowledge Depth and Scope on the Relationship between R&D Alliances and New Product Development; Journal of Product Innovation Management [Accepted Feb. 16, 2014].
  • Tong, T., Reuer, J., Tyler, B.B., and Zhang, S. (2015). “Host Country Executives; Assessments of International Joint Ventures and Divestitures: An Experimental Approach; Strategic Management Journal, 36(2): 254-275.
  • Bercovitz, J, and Tyler, B.B. (2014). “Who I Am and How I Contract: The Effect of Contractors; Roles on the Evolution of Contract Structure in University-Industry Research Agreements; Organization Science, 25(6): 1840-1959.
  • Reuer, J. , Tong, T., Tyler, B.B., and Arino, A. (2013).“Executives Preferences for Governance Modes and Exchange Partners: An Information Economics Perspective; Strategic Management Journal, 34: 1104;1122 (2013)
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  • Reuer, J. J., Tyler, B. B., Tong, T. W., & Wu, C. W. (2012). “Executives; Assessments of International Joint Ventures in China: A Multi-theoretical Investigation. Management and Organization Review; Management and Organization Review. 8(2), 311-340.
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  • Gnyawali, D.R. and Tyler, B.B. (2005). Cognitive Mapping in Strategic Management: Processes, Issues and Observations, in D.J. Ketchen, Jr., and D.D. Bergh (eds.), Research Methodology in Strategic Management, Vol. 2, Elsevier/JAI Press.
  • Tyler, B. B. & Gnyawali, D.R. (2002). Mapping Managers Market Orientations Regarding New Product Success. The Journal of Product Innovation Management, 19:1-18.
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