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Duncan Holthausen

Professor Emeritus

Nelson Hall 4146



Ph. D., Northwestern University, (1974)

Department and Affiliations

Department of Economics

Area(s) of Expertise

Microeconomic Theory and Decision Theory

Research Publications

  • A.K. Mishra and D.M. Holthausen, “Effect of Farm Income and Off-Farm Wage Variability on Off-Farm Labor Supply,” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, 2002, (31): 187-199.
  • T. Vukina, D. Li and D.M. Holthausen, “Hedging with Crop Yield Futures: A Mean-Variance Analysis,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1996, (78): 1015-1025.
  • E. Gerstner, J. D. Hess and D. M. Holthausen, “Price Discrimination Through a Channel: Theory and Evidence,” American Economic Review, 1994, (84): 1437-1445.
  • G. E. Morris and D. M. Holthausen, “The Economics of Household Solid Waste Generation and Disposal,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 1994, (26): 215-234.
  • E. Gerstner and D. M. Holthausen, “Profitable Pricing when Market Segments Overlap,” Marketing Science, 1986, (5): 55-69.
  • D. M. Holthausen, “A Risk Return Model with Risk and Return Measured from a Target Return,” American Economic Review, 1981, (71): 182-188.
  • D. M. Holthausen, “Hedging and the Competitive Firm Under Price Uncertainty,” American Economic Review, 1979, (69): 989-995.
  • D. M. Holthausen, “A Model of Incentive Regulation,” Journal of Public Economics, 1979, (12): 61-73.
  • D. M. Holthausen, “Kinky Demand, Risk Aversion and Price Leadership,” International Economic Review, 1979, (20): 341-348.
  • D. M. Holthausen, “Input Choices and Uncertain Demand,” American Economic Review, 1976, (66): 94-103.