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Thomas Grennes


Nelson Hall 4110



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Department and Affiliations

Department of Economics

Area(s) of Expertise

International and Monetary Economics

Research Publications

  • Grennes, Thomas. 2012. “Diminishing Quality of Fiscal Institutions: the United States and the European Union”. Cato Journal. Winter 2013, forthcoming.
  • “The Determinants of Service Offshoring: Does Distance Matter” (with Ivan Kandilov), Japan and the World Economy, 24(2012) 36-43.
  • Caner, Mehmet, Turanay Caner, and Thomas Grennes. “Determinants of Investment by the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund: GDP vs. Institutions”. (2011) Global Economy Journal, Vol 11, Iss.1, article 2.
  • Grennes, Thomas, P. Guerron, and A. Leblebicioglu. “Economic Development and Heterogeneity in the Great Moderation among the States”. B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, (Contributions Tier) 2011.
  • Grennes, Thomas. 2010. “A Thousand Years of Trade History: What’s Left Out?” Historical Methods, 43(4): 159-163.
  • Kandilov, Ivan T. and Thomas Grennes. Determinants of Service Exports from Central and Eastern Europe”. Economics of Transition (2010) 18(4): 763-794.
  • Grennes, Thomas, Pablo Guerron-Quintana and Asli Leblebicioglu. (2010) “Economic Development and Volatility among the States”. Economics Bulletin. Vol 30 (3): pp1963-1976.
  • Caner, Mehmet, Thomas Grennes, and Fritzi Koehler-Geib. “Finding the Tipping Point: When Sovereign Debt Turns Bad”. ch. 3 of Sovereign Debt and the Financial Crisis, edited by Carlos Prima Braga and Gallina A. Vincelette. Washington: World Bank, Oct 2010, pp51-64.
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds: the Norwegian Experience”. 2010. ( with Mehmet Caner) World Economy. April, pp597-614.
  • “Volatility of Sovereign Wealth Funds”. 2009. Global Economy Journal. 5(3):1-5.
  • “Performance and Transparency of the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund”, Revue D’Economie Financiere, Special Issue on Sovereign Wealth Funds 2009. (with Mehmet Caner, in English and French).
  • Grennes, T. J. The Columbian Exchange and the Reversal of Fortune. Cato Journal, 27(Winter 2007), 91-107.
  • “The Effect of Mechanical Refrigeration on Nutrition in the United States”. Social Science History 28(No.2, May 2004): (with Lee Craig and Barry Goodwin)
  • “Non-Linear Aspects of Capital Market Integration and Real Interest Rate Equalization”. International Review of Economics and Finance 12(No. 3, 2003): 283-303. (with Anthony Mancuso and Barry Goodwin)
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  • “Tsarist Russia and the World Wheat Market”. Explorations in Economic History 35(October 1998): 405-30. (with Barry Goodwin)