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Robin Pennington

Associate Professor

Nelson Hall 3116



Ph.D., Accounting, University of South Carolina, (2002)

Department and Affiliations

Department of Accounting

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Research: Behavioral research in accounting information systems
  • Teaching: Accounting information systems, ERP, research seminars

Research Publications

  • Kelton, A., Pennington, R., & Tuttle, B. (2010). The Effects of Information Presentation Format on Judgment and Decision Making: A Review of the Information Systems Research. forthcoming in Journal of Information Systems.
  • Taylor, E. & Pennington, R. (2009). Excel 2007 – A Tutorial of Basic Skills for Accounting and Business Majors. Compendium of Classroom Cases and Tools for AIS Applications C3, 4.
  • Pinsker, R., Pennington, R., & Kahle, J. (2009). “The Impact of Professional Role, Advocacy Attitudes, and the Decision Environment on Belief Revisions,” Behavioral Research in Accounting, 21 (2), 91-111.
  • Pennington, R. & Tuttle, B. (2009). Managing Impressions Using Distorted Graphs of Income and Earnings Per Share: The Role of Memory. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems 10(1), 25-45.
  • Pennington, R. & Tuttle, B. (2007). The Effects of Information Overload on Software Project Risk Assessment. Decision Sciences, 38 (3).
  • Pennington, R., Kelton, A.S., & DeVries, D. (2006) The Effects of Qualitiative Overload on Technology Acceptance, Journal of Information Systems, 20 (2)
  • Kahle, J. B., Pinsker, R., & Pennington, R. (2005). Belief Revision in Accounting: A Literature Review of the Belief-Adjustment Model. Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, 8.
  • Pennington, R., Wilcox, D., & Grover, V. (2004). The Role of System Trust in Business-to-Consumer Transactions. Journal of Management Information Systems, 20 (3), 197-226.