Entrepreneurial Enhancements to the Project Innovation Lab

Principal Investigator: Jon Bohlmann

Sponsor: VentureWell

Award Period: 03/01/2015 - 08/31/2018

Amount: $32,000

Description: This project is enabling significant enhancements to a very successful multidisciplinary course at North Carolina State University. For over 15 years, the Fall semester Product Innovation Lab (PIL) has integrated MBA, Engineering, and Industrial Design graduate students into teams that tackle challenging product design and innovation problems. This multidisciplinary approach creates an environment of innovation where each student specialty learns from the others while devising innovative product concepts around a market need. The course has received recognition externally (a Forbes top-10 most innovative course) and within NCSU, as no other courses or programs exist at the graduate level that systematically bring together these diverse disciplines. The enhancements are strengthening the students' multidisciplinary experiences and encouraging a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.