Piping in(Out) of (High) Computer Science Curricula: Magnet School Lenses and Influencing Factors

Principal Investigator: Fay Payton

Sponsor: National Science Foundation

Award Period: 7/15/2017 - 6/30/2019

Amount: $299,958

Description: This project is examining how preparatory privilege combined with computer science course availability does not necessarily lead to accessibility among students of color and females. The cumulative effect of barriers to entry along the educational trajectory (e.g., grade point average, mathematic course sequence) and existing school policies as implemented via teacher practices and counselor influence (e.g., teacher recommendation, counselor recommendation) stand to de-track students of color (Lareau and Horvat, 1999). Hence, the research question is: in the presence of computer science curricula availability at two well-sourced magnet schools, what are the barriers precluding female, African-American, Hispanic or Latino, and Native American students from gaining access to and participation in current computer science curricula along with successful completion of the computer science AP examination?