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Our Competitive Advantage

The Poole College of Management at NC State University educates tomorrow’s leaders through the active integration of teaching, research, and engagement. The college creates an innovative and intellectual environment with a focus on leadership and management in a technology rich, global marketplace.

student in classroom

What does this mean for our undergraduate students?

  • Our graduates will be leaders in their chosen fields. We are committed to providing our students with developmental opportunities to achieve that goal.
  • Faculty in the Poole College are actively involved in practical research and their research “informs” their teaching. In other words, the business challenges our faculty are investigating today become discussion topics in tomorrow’s class. Similarly, their consulting engagements provide “real world” learning opportunities and connections for students.
  • New courses and programs, creative teaching methodologies, challenging assignments, engaging discussions: our faculty create cutting-edge learning opportunities for our students.
  • Nelson Hall classrooms are state-of-the-art, and students solve business problems using the same technologies employed in the corporate world.
  • Poole College students are prepared to contribute in an international, multi-cultural workplace. Foreign language study is required, and many students participate in international study and internship opportunities.
  • Our students are intentionally engaged in developing the tools to understand, appreciate, respect and value personal and cultural diversity and diversity of thought and experience as they grow as members of a global business community.
  • Our graduates will leave Poole College able to foster and facilitate an environment of inclusivity and positive inter-cultural communication and interaction, especially in the context of today’s global business world.