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Spring 2023 Course and Curriculum Updates

Read below for information about the Spring 2023 schedule, information about specific courses being offered, and important notes for scheduling.  The most up-to-date information on enrolling in Poole courses can always be found at If you have questions that aren't answered or need more information, contact the advising team or

General Curriculum/Scheduling Information

  • IMPORTANT: If you are taking a course that is mentioned below as counting in an Accounting or Business concentration, but is not on the degree audit, it will be moved on your audit by the Poole Student Records office after census date.

Accounting Courses

  1. ACC 230 – Individual Income Tax is a course that focuses on the fundamental concepts of individual income taxation. This course is open to any student who wants to take it but does not count for the Business or Accounting minors or towards major requirements for Accounting majors who are not in the newest Accounting curriculum. Students in the most recent Accounting major (requirement term 2216 or Summer 2021) can use ACC 230 as an accounting elective.
  2. ACC 280 – Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting is an accounting course for non-Poole majors who are interested in learning more about accounting, or who need one accounting course to complete their degree.  This course will count towards the Business Administration and Business Entrepreneurship minors, but will not count towards any Poole major. Please note this course does not fulfill the prerequisite for BUS 320.
  3. ACC 459-001 – Analytics in Accounting & Finance is a capstone course appropriate for students with career interests in public accounting, operational accounting, financial analysis, financial planning, corporate finance, information systems, business and operations management and consulting. The goal of the course is to enhance the understanding and integration of analytics with financial statement preparation, management reporting and forecasting necessary to control and improve performance in an organization.  This course has prerequisites of ACC 311 and BUS 351 and will count as an accounting elective in all Accounting concentrations  or as a requirement in the most recent accounting curriculum.

Economics Courses

  1. EC 495-001 – Racial Economic Disparities in the US: Causes and Consequences is a new special topics course being offered for the second time in Spring 2023. This course critically examines causes and consequences of racial economic disparities, specifically those between Black and white Americans, how the economics profession addresses and explains these disparities and social policies to address them. This section of EC 495 has a prerequisite of EC 301 and is currently open to only students in the Economics major but will open to students in the Economics minor when other classes open up to the minor.
  2. EC 495-002 (will be EC 448-001) – International Economics is a new course focused on international economics. This course provides a survey of the leading theories and the main empirical regularities of international trade. This section of EC 495 has a prerequisite of EC 301 and is currently open to only students in the Economics major but will open to students in the Economics minor when other classes open up to the minor. Please note that students that have previously taken International Economics when it was a special topics course (EC 495-002 in SP22) cannot receive credit for this course as well.

Business Courses

  1. Students in the Business Administration minor can take any section of the 300-level courses that count towards the minor – there are seats reserved for minors in each of the sections. If those seats are full, you’ll be added to the waitlist.
  2. BUS 440-003H, 458-001H, and 459-001H – Are restricted to students in the Business Analytics Honors Program.
  3. BUS 463-001 (formerly BUS 495)Sales & Marketing Practicum is a course focused on practicum projects for Marketing concentration students interested in sales. It will count as a Marketing concentration elective. You must have availability during their standard work day to have a weekly one hour meeting or call with the client and will also need to meet separately with your faculty advisor and team members on a weekly basis at a suitable time to all. Please confirm your ability to meet these conditions and send your resume and unofficial transcript to Thomas Byrnes [] by Nov. 18th with the subject line: BUS 463 Practicum to be considered for enrollment
  4. BUS 476Decision Modeling and Analysis is a course on applying data to decision making. Students in the Business Supply Chain concentration can use it to fulfill the last 3 credits in the concentration electives section of the degree audit (you must still take BUS 470 and two of 472, 474, and 475). The prerequisite is ST 350. This course is also open to and would be a great course for any student in any Poole major.
  5. BUS 495-001Capstone Security Valuation and Portfolio Management is a project-based capstone course for students pursuing the finance concentration. This course has a prerequisite of BUS 420 and a corequisite of BUS 422. Students who have not taken MIE 480 already may use this course (SP23 only) in place of MIE 480 in their degree or it can count as a free elective for students who have already taken MIE 480 or who would like to take MIE 480 in a future semester. Please note it will NOT count as a finance concentration elective.

Management, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship Courses

  • MIE 335 – Organizational Behavior is a survey course that focuses on managing people in modern organizations. This course is open to any student in a Poole major or minor and will count towards the Business Administration minor. This course will only count as a free elective in the Business or Accounting majors.
  • MIE 480-010 – Business Policy and Strategy; Section 010 ONLY includes a study abroad component during spring break. Students that enroll in Section 010 will be required to participate in the spring break study abroad trip. The course will end early on March 31, 2023 due to the additional hours of study while abroad. If you have questions about this course or the process of applying for the study abroad portion, please reach out to

Other credit options

  • There are several other 1-3 credit Poole course options for students that will count as free electives that we encourage students to consider.
  • M 120 – Professional Development and Career Planning (1 credit) is a great course for sophomores or juniors or new entrants to Poole who want to engage in career exploration and develop tools necessary to start their career. This course is restricted to only students currently in a Poole major.
  • BUS 225 – Personal Finance is an essential course for any student who wants to learn about economic and financial strategies for post-college life. It will count as a free elective for any major.