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Poole COVID-19 Related Course Information

This page contains information about Spring 2021 course updates, changes, and delivery information related to COVID-19 restrictions for Poole courses.

Poole courses will be offered in a variety of delivery modes again this Spring (2021). This page should help you understand and interpret what is happening with Poole and other courses. But please note, your instructor and the course syllabus are always the best and FINAL determinant of how a course works and what you are expected to do.

Course Delivery Modes

Click on the delivery modes below to learn more about each of the ways your classes may be set up for Spring 2021

In-Person courses are regular courses that meet in a classroom at specified times on specified days. These courses are small enough that the entire class is able to meet in a regular classroom at the same time and still maintain acceptable social distancing.

These courses meet in person at specified times, but you won’t necessarily attend class every day that is noted on your class schedule. Hybrid courses can take many formats – you may be meeting once or twice a week, or every other week, depending on the structure of the course. There will be online content that you will be expected to engage with in lieu of attending in-person class some of the time. Your instructor and the course syllabus will provide the specifics on how each hybrid course will function.

These course will meet fully online but will typically meet at specifics days/times for some or all of the semester. Those days/times are indicated on your course schedule in MyPack. You are expected to be available online at those scheduled times to participate in the class and your instructor will let you know more details about the expectations for your participation.

These courses will meet fully online and do not have any specific scheduled time that you have to be logged in for class meetings. You will still be expected to complete work and participate in the course and will need to meet specified deadlines, but will not need to be online at any particular time each week. The course syllabus and your instructor will outline expectations and deadlines for participation.

Remote Option for Poole Courses

In addition to the delivery modes outlined above, Poole courses (ACC, BUS, EC, MIE, M) that are set up as hybrid or in-person courses may also permit students to participate remotely.  Poole courses with a Remote Option can be completed without having to attend an in-person session. This is not the same as taking a fully developed online course and does not provide the same rich online experience as synchronous or asynchronous courses.

If you need to take an in-person or hybrid course, but cannot attend for part or all of the semester, you can complete these “Remote Option” classes without having to attend in person – you will likely be able to watch video capture of the lectures and participate in required assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. online, but may miss out on some content or assignments.  The remote option should really only be utilized if you are unable to find an online option and need that specific course for fall. 

Faculty are still determining which Spring 2021 courses/sections will have a remote option and that information will be provided here as soon as it is available so check back…

Interpreting Your Schedule

The screenshot below shows what your schedule may look like on MyPack and how you can determine which mode your course will be delivered in.

Click on the image to display a larger version…