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Class of 2024 Registration Advising Information

As a new student in the Poole College of Management, you will work through several steps to enroll in courses for the Fall 2020 semester.

New First-Year students should:

Complete ALL steps in Class of 2024 Springboard

  • The Class of 2024 Springboard can now be accessed in Wolfware, the learning management system you’ll use at NC State. The Class of 2024 Springboard will introduce you to the tools you will need to confidently navigate the beginning of your college academic career and to assist you in registering for your fall classes. Once you have accessed the site it is critical that you take time to thoroughly review the information provided within this site and make time to complete each step. You will not be able to access the next activity within a section before being able to move onto the next item.  Going through each step of your Class of 2024 Springboard will allow you to register for classes in MyPack Portal’s Enrollment Wizard during the self-registration period.  You will need to be logged out of any other personal gmail account when trying to access the sections within the Class of 2024 Springboard.  Here is information about how to find the Class of 2024 Springboard within Wolfware.

Complete the Advising Certification Statement

  • Complete and submit the Advising Certification Statement indicating that you are prepared to register for classes and understand both general education


  • All students will automatically be enrolled in M100 and MIE 201 for the fall semester.  It is important that you remain in the sections of these courses that you have been enrolled in, so they will be locked and you will not be able to drop them from your schedule.  Once self-registration begins if you have a course scheduling issue because of your enrollment in one of these courses, you should work with your academic advisor to determine a solution.

Enroll in courses (Date TBD)

  • As long as you have completed the required steps within the Class of 2024 Springboard, your term advising hold will be removed and you will be able to register for your additional courses.
    • Login to MyPack Portal using your Unity ID and password.
    • Click on the “Planning and Enrollment” tile
    • Select “Enrollment Wizard” from the list on the left-hand side of the page.
    • Begin adding classes to your shopping cart in MyPack Portal.
    • Once you have added all of your classes to your cart, click on the enroll button.  If you are able to successfully add a course to your schedule, you will see the color block turn from blue to green.
    • Click here to learn more about the enrollment process.

Questions? Please email your academic advisor if you have any questions.  Make sure to include that you are a new first-year student beginning in the fall 2020 and your student ID #.

Make sure that you complete the tasks listed on the New Student Checklist

  • Items that are included in the New Student Checklist that are especially important for advising and registration purposes include:
    • Register for Orientation
    • Access your unity account and NC State email.
      • Your NC State email address is the email that we will use to contact you and your unity id will be needed often during this process.
  • Take your Placement Tests
    • Math Placement Test
      • Successful completion of freshman year mathematics is one of the best early indicators of graduation from NC State. For that reason as well as many others, admitted freshmen are required to take an assessment to determine proper placement in math prior to attending New Student Orientation and registering for classes.
      • You should complete your Placement Assessments before May 21, 2020, allowing yourself enough time to retake it as necessary. You will be able to access the Placement Assessment and Prep and Learning modules after this date, but taking it later than this may delay your ability to register for a math course.
      • For more information and access to the Placement Assessment, please visit
    • Chemistry Placement Test
      • Poole College of Management students are required to take at least 7 hours of Natural Science to complete their degree but students are able to select from many science courses.  Therefore, Poole College of Management students DO NOT need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam unless they would like to take Chemistry.
    • Foreign Language Testing
      • All foreign language placement testing is currently being conducted online. Computerized placement tests in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Latin are available via an online test but are for course placement only. See full details and access the online test on the Foreign Language Placement webpage.
      • For all other languages, students should go Coordinator webpage and contact the appropriate language coordinator to schedule a virtual placement test.
  • Request all of your AP/IB Test Scores be sent to NC State