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Business Analytics Honors Program – Students Admitted 2020 or Later

Applications for the Fall 2021 term are now closed. Applications for Spring 2022 will be open on Sept. 15th – Oct. 15th.

Admission Requirements

For students that apply to the program in Spring 2020 or later, note the updated minimum admissions requirements below:

  • Admitted undergraduate Poole major
  • B+ or higher in BUS 340
  • B+ or higher in ST 350
  • B+ or higher in BUS 351
  • 3.25 or higher overall GPA
  • 3.25 or higher major GPA

A grade of S in BUS 340, ST 350, and/or BUS 351 taken during the Spring 2020, Summer 2020, or Fall 2020 semesters will count towards the minimum criteria for consideration for admission to the Business Analytics Honors Program. Please note: Students must still achieve the required grades in other courses and meet the minimum GPA to be eligible. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.

Qualified students are encouraged to apply to the program via our online application form. The link to the application will be available on this website during our regular application cycles:

  • Spring admission: September 15th – October 15th
  • Fall admission: February 15th – March 15th 

Please keep in mind that admission to the Business Analytics Honors program is competitive and based on prior academic achievement. Merely meeting the minimum admissions requirements does not guarantee that you will be admitted.

Conditional Admittance

Students currently enrolled in BUS 351 may still apply to the program. Admission decisions will be based on grades earned in BUS 340 and ST 350, as well as the student’s overall and major GPAs. If the student is granted conditional admittance, their GPAs and final grade in BUS 351 will be verified at the end of the semester. If the student earns at least a B+ in BUS 351 and has maintained at least a 3.25 overall and major GPA, they will be fully admitted into the program. Otherwise, they will no longer be eligible to continue the program and will be removed from any program courses they may have already enrolled in for the following semester.

Students with specific questions about the program and the admission process can email for more information.

Program Requirements

Students admitted to the program in Spring 2020 or later will be required to earn a B or higher in the following courses. Students should allow themselves at least 3 semesters to complete the program after being accepted.

  • BUS 440H – Database Management [prerequisite: BUS 340]
  • BUS 458H – Analytics: From Data to Decisions [prerequisite: BUS 351]
  • BUS 459H – Business Analytics Practicum [prerequisite: BUS 458H]
  • One analytics elective course from the following list (can double count toward student’s concentration electives):
    • ACC 495 – Analytics in Accounting & Finance
    • BUS 428 – Financial Analytics
    • BUS 429 – Financial Modeling
    • BUS 449 – Information Technology Capstone*
    • BUS 469 – Digital Marketing Practicum*
    • BUS 470 – Operations Modeling and Analysis
    • BUS 476 – Decision Modeling and Analysis
    • BUS 479 – Supply Chain Management Practicum*
    • EC 451 – Econometrics II
    • MIE 437 – Human Resources Analytics
    • MIE 439 – Human Resources Practicum*

*Course project must have sufficient analytics content and be approved by Honors Program in order to count

The Business Analytics Honors Program will permit students in BUS 440H, BUS 458H, or BUS 459H to utilize the enhanced S/U option for the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters. A grade of S in those courses will be allowed to count towards program requirements for Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 only. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Course Enrollment

Students admitted into the Business Analytics Honors program will be automatically enrolled in courses for this program within 24 hours after their enrollment appointment opens. The program takes three semesters to complete and students will be enrolled in courses in the following order: BUS 440H, BUS 458H, BUS 459H. Students will be responsible to enroll themselves in an analytics elective course from the list above at some point prior to their graduation.

Completing the Program

Completion of the Business Analytics Honors Program will be designated on a student’s transcript after all degree requirements have been met, in addition to the following:

  • B or better grade in all required program-level courses
  • 3.25 or better major GPA
  • 3.25 or better overall GPA

Graduating students will be emailed instructions concerning honor cords and certificates of completion a few weeks prior to commencement.