Degree Requirements for Prospective Students

There are many ways to see how the courses you have taken fit into the current curriculum for Accounting, Business Administration and Economics.  Current Curricula can be found on the NC State Degree Requirements Page.

Prospective Student Degree Planning Tools

In conjunction with the NC State Degree Requirements page, the following resources are provided as tools to help prospective students see how the courses they have taken fit into current Poole major requirements.   They are to be used as a guide only in conjunction with NC State’s Transfer Course Database. Students enter the most current curriculum as of the semester in which they are first enrolled.

Prospective Student Degree Planning Sheets

These Degree Planning Sheets include NC State’s degree requirements which students can match up with their previous coursework through NC State’s Transfer Course Database. 

Prospective Student Degree Planning Sheets for Students Transferring from NC Community Colleges

These Degree Planning Sheets include NC State’s degree requirements and NC Community College equivalent courses.

CAA Baccalaureate Degree Plans

The following degree plans were developed in order to identify community college courses that provide pathways leading to associate degree completion, admission into a major, and baccalaureate completion.

Transfer Policies

Reverse Transfer Program

NC State participates in the Reverse Transfer Program between the University of North Carolina System and the North Carolina Community College System. Find out how you can opt-in to the program and meet NC State’s General Education Program requirements here

Poole Transfer Course Policy

You can view Poole’s policy regarding transfer courses and how they count toward major degree requirements here

First-Year Writing Program Transfer Credit Guidelines

You can view the First-Year Writing Program’s guidelines for transferring English Composition courses here