First Year Experience

During the first year in Poole College students complete M100: Diversity, Professionalism and Academic Success. This signature experience introduces students to concepts and resources they will need for success during their time in Poole College of Management and beyond.

M100: Professionalism, Diversity and Success in Management

The Poole College of Management’s M100 course was designed to help new students grow professionally. First year Poole College students work with student and professional mentors to develop understanding and appreciation of diversity, as well as the ability to function effectively within an increasingly diverse work environment.

The course brings our students along a developmental process of awareness of diversity, power and privilege and shares strategies to use this awareness constructively in the modern work environment.

At the end of the course, students complete a self-evaluation. 83% of students who completed the fall 2016 M100 course report they are ready to role model inclusive behaviors for others. Hear from one student team about what they learning from being in the International Experience Work Group:


current students volunteer as SNG facilitators every term