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Latinx Heritage Month Display Reveal

The reveal of the Latinx Heritage Month Display in Nelson hall is becoming an honored tradition.

In 2017 the display featured Latina Entrepreneurs of North Carolina. (read more here)

In 2018 the display featured the “cuentos y suenos” (stories and dreams) of Latinx identifying students of Poole College. (view the student’s stories here)

The 2019 display will share stories of resilience and perseverance or “Latinexistence” of Poole community members in their daily lives. The reveal of the display will be followed by a short reception in honor of all NCSU Latinx community members. This event is open to all and is a good opportunity to build allyship and understanding.

Event Details:

      Tuesday, September 17, 2019

6:30 PM in 3rd Floor of Nelson Hall

What is Latinx?

The term Latinx is new for many. While it first emerged in 2004, it has been used heavily in mainstream media and scholarly activity since 2015. We in Poole College of Management respect the collective voice of our Latin American and Hispanic community members and honor their request for us to use the term “latinx” to refer to a gender inclusive community of people of Latin American descent.

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