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Empowering Our Students

We strive to validate many layers of identity our students bring with them to Poole College. These events are hosted in Nelson hall to center and celebrate student identities. All events are welcome for everyone to enjoy and take-away new insight and familiarity of the many cultures that thrive within Poole.

Celebrating the success of Latinx community

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the Poole College of Management annually celebrates Latinx Heritage Month by acknowledging the heritage and culture of our Latinx students, faculty, staff and community. This year, Poole College commissioned a mural in the East Courtyard of Nelson Hall that focuses on this year’s theme, Hacia adelante, which translates to “moving forward”. Bryant Parroquin combined his background in graphic design and his Hispanic culture to create the Latinx Heritage Month mural.

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is nationally recognized as Native American Heritage Month. It is a month of celebration of the beauty of Indigenous cultures. Celebrating the tremendous positive significance Native people have made in this country, but also remembering the horror of past and current mistreatment of Native communities who continue to fight for recognition, equality and peace.

Celebrating Diwali as a Poole Community

An annual festival of lights most commonly associated with Hinduism, Diwali focuses on good fortune and prosperity — light over dark — during a five-day period in the fall and marks the Hindu new year.

Women’s Herstory Month

The NC State Women’s Center recognizes March as Women’s Herstory Month on campus.  Each year a theme is selected that speaks to the mission of the Center and asks participants to challenge themselves and their thinking around topics of social justice and systemic oppression.  Be on the lookout for more information regarding this year’s theme at the start of the Spring Semester.  

Celebrating the legacy of Black Business

Black History Month is a time when communities across the nation come together to celebrate the achievements of and by Black Americans and recognize the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. Black History Month started as “Negro History Week,” in 1926, conceived by Carter G. Woodson, an influential African American historian, educator, and scholar. In 1976, it became a month-long national observance.


Celebrating the identity of members of the LGBTQ+ Poole community and engage the greater Poole College community in a path to allyship.