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Course Information: International Exchange Students

The Global Programs Office in the Poole College of Management works with the Study Abroad Office to register you in courses before your arrival to NC State.

The Global Programs Office will enroll you in the courses of the following disciplines - Accounting (ACC), Business Administration (BUS), Economics (EC) and Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MIE).

Global Programs in Poole will try their best to get the classes that you request; however, when requesting classes, please adhere to the following suggestions in order to increase the likelihood of you obtaining your desired schedule. For a list of available courses, please visit the undergraduate course catalog. Courses available for a specific semester are usually announced halfway through the previous semester.

  1. It is better to request morning or late afternoon classes and classes with many available seats (i.e. over 40 seats available).
  2. If you are requesting a class with a required lab section, please specify on the course request form which lab section you would like.
  3. MIE 410 and 412 have off campus requirements at HQ Raleigh located in the downtown area about a 10 minute drive from campus. You would be responsible for transportation to and from HQ Raleigh. Additionally, most Entrepreneurship classes (MIE 310, MIE 410, MIE 412, and MIE 419) are on Centennial Campus which takes about a 25 minute bus ride from main campus. 
  4. Distance education classes that have section numbers ending in – 601 have an extra associated fee. In addition, distant education classes do not count towards enrollment requirements for visa purposes. Contact the Study Abroad Office for more information.
  5. Upper level Economics classes (300 & 400 level) do not have many available spots for exchange students. You most likely can’t get into more than two upper level Economics classes per semester.
  6. In the Poole College of Management, 400 level courses are considered concentration courses. NC State students typically do not take more than two 400-level concentration courses per semester. Please do not request more than three 400 level courses per semester as we cannot accommodate more than that per semester. 
    • In addition, please do not request more than two different disciplines of concentration courses. For example, if you request a 400-level finance concentration course and a 400-level marketing concentration course, you should not request any other discipline at the 400-level (i.e. supply chain).
  7. If there are multiple students coming from your home institution to NC State, please do not request similar schedules including the same sections for courses as your classmates as there is limited seating in each section. 
  8. Classes that are listed as an honors section are typically harder than non honors sections. Specifically, MIE 305 has been known to be a more time intensive course. If requesting this course, please expect a more than regular course load.
  9. Degree seeking students in the Poole College of Management take a mixture of Poole courses and non Poole courses per semester. Please do not request to take all Poole courses as taking a variety of classes will be beneficial to your experience. For visa purposes, you must take at least two Poole courses. 

If you have any questions, please contact