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On-Campus Engagement

The Poole College of Management and NC State offers students numerous opportunities for students to globalize their education while staying on campus. This can include the classes you take in the college to the co-curricular activities and events you participate in on campus.

Poole Opportunities

Global Corps

Members of Global Corps serve as an extension of the Global Programs Office in Poole College of Management to educate Poole students about the value of global experiences and the variety of opportunities available on campus and abroad. They seek to increase cultural awareness and global engagement among Poole students with a particular emphasis on increasing underrepresented student participation in these programs. Global Corps members organize and participate in information sessions, advise students on the study abroad process and experience, create and implement marketing efforts and develop creative approaches to addressing barriers to studying abroad.

The application for the 2020-2021 Academic Year will open on January 21, 2020. The deadline for the application is February 5, 2020 and can be found at If you have questions, please reach out to

Click here to meet the student members of Global Corps.

International Curriculum

Do you know what the exchange rate is between the US Dollar and international currencies or do you know how cultural difference impact marketing to customers? Take classes in finance, economics, and marketing within Poole or classes in international politics, foreign languages, or other areas offered at NC State to gain an international perspective to your business education.

International Business Club

The International Business Club is a group of students in Poole who are interested in developing a globally oriented career. The club meets several times a semester to hear from international business professionals, to learn about different cultures, and to socialize as a group. Learn more by visiting the IBC website at


Mentoring Exchange Students

Each year, Poole welcomes 50-70 foreign exchange students to the college. Imagine moving to a new country and not knowing where to find your classroom, how to get a cell phone or how the lottery works for football tickets. You can help these students while you learn a little about a new culture or par of the world. Email if you are interested.

NC State Opportunities

Cultural Exchange Network (CENet) Program offered by the Global Training Initiative

CENet connects NC State students to international students from the SKEMA Business School in France as well as students from GTI partner schools in Brazil, China, and Taiwan. NC State student volunteers play an important and fun role in helping new and visiting international students integrate into the Wolfpack community. Learn more at

Office of International Services (OIS) Programs

OIS sponsors numerous unique and exciting programs designed to foster cross-cultural exchange within the campus and Triangle communities. American students are encouraged to participate in programs such as Breaking Bread, Culture Corps, Cultural Crossroads, Culture to Culture Ambassadors. If you want to step it up considering becoming an Orientation leader for international students! Learn more at

Global Perspective Certificate

Knowledge of global cultures is increasingly important in today’s global marketplace. Take your global learning to a new level by pursuing the Global Perspective Certificate. Combining studying abroad, community volunteering, and academic coursework, the GPS is a great way to showcase you global skill set. To learn more about the certificate, click here:

SKEMA Business School

Did you know there is a French Business School located at NC State. Engage with the SKEMA Business School located on Centennial Campus . Poole and SKEMA collaborate on a number of efforts including co-teaching some undergraduate classes and offering the Global Luxury Management degree program.