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IBDD Internships & Career Development

As part of the IBDD (International Business Dual Degree) program, students are required to complete 2 internships. At the end of the second year of the program and before moving abroad, students complete a summer internship, at any company in the United States. This first internship gives students an opportunity to gain real world experience in professional work environment. The second internship is completed in the host country over a six month period. This internship is conductive in the native language and gives students a second professional work experience in a second culture. By the end of their studies IBDD students have at least 9 months of internship experience.

The Poole College of Management’s Career Center assist IBDD students in preparing for their internship search. Students attend the College’s career fairs and access our jobs database (Epack) to find opportunities in various fields. In addition IBDD students participate in a series of comprehensive information sessions on creating a resume, strategies for searching for an internship and how to have a successful interview. This results in IBDD students gaining great opportunities for internships.

The following companies have hosted IBDD students for internships:

bioMerieuxMaisons Marques& Domaines
BSH Home AppliancesMercedes-Benz
CaterpillarNabors Int.
Chanel Inc.NC State OIT
Cisco SystemsNY Stock Exchange-Euronext
ClipixOmni Media Group
College Works PaintingPepsiCo
Dassault SystemesPorsche
Delete Blood CancerPrimo Concrete Construction LLC
Depop Inc.Red Hat
EDM AmericasRevlon
Eschelon ExperiencesSageworks
First Finance CompanySoutheast Tools
Freudenberg ITStay Online
German ConsulateTenax USA
Hendrick Automotive GroupTIAA CREF
LavazzaUniversal Muic Group
Lufthansa CargoWeiserMazars LLP

The two required internships are a critical part of the program. Students not only graduate with two degrees and are bi-lingual, but they also gain two different work experience in two different cultures/countries. They graduate with a solid foundation in a business and are prepared for a successful career in international business.