Student Profiles

Emily Haddock

My name is Emily Haddock and I am from New Bern, NC. I graduated from The Epiphany School of Global Studies and have studied Spanish for nine years. I was raised cheering on the Wolfpack; my dad graduated from State and my twin brother goes here as well. However, I chose NC State and the Poole College of Management because of the IBDD program. I chose NCSU’s IBDD program because I’ve always wanted to live abroad. I am most excited about the opportunity to become fluent in another language while fully immersing myself in the culture of another country. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience and I can’t wait to take full advantage of all of the opportunities I’m given during my two years abroad.

Phillips Glass

My name is Phillips Glass and I am from Charlotte, NC. I graduated from South Meck High School and have studied German for 13 years now, because of that I am enrolled in the German Track in the IBDD program. Choosing NC State was a last minute audible for me because I originally had my heart set on the University of South Carolina, then I learned about the IBDD program and it completely changed my decision. The program is truly one of a kind due to the abroad experience students receive. After graduating from NC State Poole College and ESB Reutlingen I will definitely have the skills necessary to separate me from others when it comes time for me to find a job.

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Logan Smith

My name is Logan Smith and I’m from Advance, North Carolina. I graduated from Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Kernersville, North Carolina. The language track that I am enrolled in is the French Track. I chose IBDD because of its uniqueness and rigor. The opportunity to travel overseas and learn about how business is conducted differently, both in a professional and classroom setting is not only valuable but is also a real-life exposure to a new world. Upon graduation from both institutions, I will be equipped with a global mindset and crucial intern experience. Preparing myself for professional success whilst living in a country I have always dreamed of living in is the epitome of making the most of my college experience.