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Students in the Italian Track spend their third and fourth year in Piacenza, Italy where they study at the Università del Sacro Cuore (UCSC). Just 240 miles southeast of Milan, Italy.

USCS is the largest private university in Europe and the largest Catholic institution in the world. UCSC operates five campuses in northern Italy. The UCSC’s Piacenza campus has 2,500 students and 270 faculty members. The campus provides a cohesive and close-knit university community and is within close distance to Piacenza’s city center. Often referred to as a ‘crossroads’, Piacenza is between the two major cities of Milan and Bologna.

Upon arriving in Italy in their third year, students will enroll in an Italian language immersion program to facilitate their transition to Italy’s culture and education. This intensive language program will build on the foundation language courses taught at NC State. This program allows students who have studied Spanish or Latin in high school to master an additional language.

A unique aspect of UCSC and the Italian education system is their 3-year bachelor’s degree track. Given this, students will take masters level courses (equivalent to 4th year coursework at NC State) in their final year of the program and graduate with THREE degrees: bachelor of business administration from NC State, bachelor of business administration from UCSC and a master of business administration from UCSC.

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