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George Shara

Major: Accounting 
Minor: Economics
Location: NEOMA Business School, Rouen, France

Why did you choose to study abroad? 
I chose to study abroad because it seemed like a once in a lifetime experience that I could not pass up. In addition, I knew that by studying abroad there was a lot to gain from it academically and culturally. If I could do it all over again I would and I highly recommend others to do it

What is one of your favorite memories or experiences from studying abroad?
One of my favorite memories or experiences from studying abroad was actually one of the first few weeks when I was in Rouen.  There was a running dinner hosted by French students at the university. How it worked was that the exchange students were put into a group and were assigned three houses to go to.  The first house was for appetizers, the second house was for dinner, and the last house was for dessert. It was probably the best and most fun night I had while I was abroad and really allowed me to be exposed to French culture and cuisine. 

What did you learn about yourself while abroad?
One of the main things I learned about myself while I was abroad was my appreciation for diversification and exploring other areas around the world that I have never been too.  I also learned what it takes to live on my own and support myself, which is an experience I really loved and appreciated. 

How did your study abroad experience prepare you for your future career?
Since we are in such a global world, especially in business, studying abroad has allowed me to learn how to work with and accept other cultures and ethnicities which will ultimately make me more successful in business and benefit my future career.

What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
DO NOT TAKE OUT A LOAN TO STUDY ABROAD UNLESS IT IS FOR TUITION OR ROOM/BOARD.  I saw a lot of people taking out loans to travel while I was abroad and I do not believe that is worth it nor necessary.  It is important to budget yourself not only while you are abroad, but also before you leave whether that is by getting a job or help from a family or friend.  Also, do research on your town, country, and university before you get there so that you are familiar with things.

What is a concern that you had before departing on your program? How did you overcome it?
One of the biggest concerns I had before departing to my program was figuring out how to use local transportation and establishing my day-to-day necessities.  I overcame this by doing research, asking questions, and not being afraid and really enjoying the experience and not letting myself get stressed because I am not the first to go through all this and I will not be the last.

What is a challenge you had during your program? How did you work through it?
The biggest challenge I had during the program was getting comfortable and incorporating some of the necessary things I do on a daily basis back home in France.  I worked through this by finding ways to incorporate the things that make me comfortable and establishing new comfortable things to fill the stuff I could bring with me.