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China Student Spotlight

Alex Singleton

Major/Concentration: Accounting with a concentration in Information Systems
Program: Shanghai China: Operations & Human Resource Management

Why did you choose to study abroad?
I choose to study abroad because it was a dream of mine since high school. I specifically choose to study in China because I really wanted to study in Asia and Poole offered the best program for me! 

What is one of your favorite memories or experiences from studying abroad?
One of my favorite memories while abroad was climbing the Great Wall of China! I would have never imagined that I would be able to accomplish this goal at the age of 20. The view and the people I met made the trip very memorable.

How did your study abroad experience prepare you for your future career?
My study abroad experience has significantly impacted my professional development because it has grown my passion to work abroad with a multinational firm. Furthermore, the program gave us the opportunity to visit Chinese and other multinational businesses to learn how effective business is conducted in China. 

What advice do you have for future study abroad students?
The advice I would give to future study abroad students is to challenge yourself to try things you would not regularly do. Some examples include trying new food, being more extroverted and speaking with locals, and having an open mind.