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How to Apply – Semester

Students must complete a Study Abroad 101 session at least one week before the deadline.

Study Abroad 101 sessions are currently offered virtually and are available as a self-paced video series. The videos will help students set goals for study abroad, describe the types of programs offered, and explain the financial resources available for funding study abroad. After completing the videos, an Advising Application will be created in PackAbroad. You can view the videos for Study Abroad 101 at

The Advising Application is an short application that asks basic questions about the study abroad experience including when and where a student wants to study abroad. This application is not used to determine whether or not a student can study abroad; rather, it is a way to move the application from a general one to a program-specific application.

  • Tip: If you are choosing between two programs, go ahead and pick one to complete the Advising Application. This way you can see the program-specific application and plan your work accordingly. If you decide to change programs, all the work you have completed can be moved to the new program-specific application.

First, explore featured programs at our partner universities across the globe on Poole Global’s “Semester and Year-Long Programs” page. This page highlights some of the most popular universities that Poole students have attended. The universities listed are not the only options; more can be found on the Study Abroad Office’s website.

Utilize the “Program Search” page on the Study Abroad Office’s website to find out specific information about study abroad options at different schools and in different countries. Consider your top 4-5 priorities for studying abroad and develop a system that helps you compare them at different institutions. Spend time researching the city, county, and culture of each potential study abroad location.

  •  Items to consider when deciding your priorities:
    • What do you want to learn abroad?
    • Where do you want to explore?
    • What type of classes do you want to take?
    • What skills would you like to develop?
  • Factors to consider when researching specific locations:
    • Where do you want to live?
    • How much does it cost?
    • What are local transportation options?
    • What season will it be when you are studying abroad?

The program specific application includes essays, recommendations, transcripts, etc. All of these materials will be submitted through the PackAbroad application.

  • Tip: One recommendation is needed to apply to study abroad and it must be a faculty member you have had in a class at NC State. The recommendation is not a letter; instead, the individual completing the recommendation will receive an email from the Study Abroad Office with a survey to complete about the student.

As part of the meeting with the Poole Global Programs Office (next step), you will discuss the courses you plan to take while abroad. To assist in this conversation, it is helpful for you be familiar with your degree audit as well as the classes offered at the host institution. You can view what classes students have previously taken and how they transferred back to NC State by visiting the NC State Transfer Database. In addition, you should utilize the program pages on the Study Abroad Office’s website to find the course catalog for your host institution.

As part of the application, you will work with the Poole Global Programs Office to complete the Course Approval Form. This form outlines potential classes to take at your host university and their transfer equivalents at NC State. For more information on completing the course approval form, visit the Course Approval Form page.

Once you have chosen a specific program and begun the application, there will be a link in your PackAbroad application to schedule a meeting with the Global Programs Office. Take this opportunity to discuss housing options, location, culture, etc. as well as what courses to take while abroad. 

The last day to meet with the Poole Global Programs Office is January 28 for the Fall Semester application and September 11 for the Spring Semester deadline. 

Academic-year and Fall Semester applications have a February 1 deadline, and Spring Semester has a September 15 deadline. To read about other relevant deadlines, visit the Study Abroad Office’s “Deadlines” page.