Australia – Entrepreneurship

Poole Global is excited to announce a new program which explores entrepreneurship opportunities in Australia and how entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Australia have similar or differing ideas, perspectives, and outcomes. Students will learn about Australian culture and business through corporate visits, lectures with local professors, and exploration of Adelaide and other Australian cities.

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Program Dates

May 14 – June 23, 2018


Adelaide, Australia




MIE 310 | Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to planning, formation, and management of entrepreneurial ventures. Fundamental business concepts and managerial skills applied to entrepreneurial ventures. Course projects support experiential learning of critical skills.

MIE 410 | Business Opportunity Analysis

Issues and management processes related to the identification of new business opportunities with emphasis on commercializing new technologies. Students will analyze and develop individual plans for commercialization of a new technology or other innovation. New venture formation is the primary focus, but the processes and skills students develop are relevant to new product introductions by existing firms.

M 298 | Doing Business in Australia

This experiential course combines in-class learning with out-of-classroom experiences to learn how business is done in Australia from multiple perspectives.


No Pre-Requisites