China – Operations & Human Resources

In a setting rich with human resources and widely known as the world’s leading manufacturing center, China is the perfect place for students to experience business globally. While studying these topics, students participate in several company visits to manufacturing facilities and corporate headquarters to gain insight into “doing business in China.” Students also participate in a seminar series featuring local business faculty and corporate leaders. In addition to this business focused immersion into doing business in China, students live in Shanghai and visit Hangzhou, the tea capital of China, and the Great Wall in Beijing to gain a rich cultural understanding of China. To view photos from previous years, please visit the Pinterest board highlighting the best China sights.

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Program Dates

May 16 – June 23, 2018


Shanghai, China




BUS 370 | Operations Management

Concepts in planning, controlling, and managing the operations function of manufacturing and service firms will be covered. Topics include operations strategy, process choice decisions, forecasting, production planning and control, and trends in operations management. Common tools for informed decision-making in these areas will be discussed.

MIE 330 | Human Resource Management

The primary goal of MIE 330 is to equip you with the technical knowledge you will need to be both an effective employee as well as an effective manager of employees. You will become familiar with the various aspects of managing human resources in a contemporary organization; including HR planning, staffing, performance management, employee development, compensation, and employee relations. You will have opportunities to develop professional competencies required to function in a contemporary organization as both an employee and a manager.

M 298 | Doing Business in China

This experiential course combines in-class learning with out-of-classroom experiences to learn how business is done in China from multiple perspectives.


MIE 201

Calendar & Excursions

china summerLocal excursions around Shanghai and in other cities will examine both the culture and business aspects of China. In Shanghai, students will explore the famous Bund skyline, attend an acrobat show, sample local cuisine, and much more. Mid-way through the program, students will take a weekend trip to Hangzhou, a city renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty, and visit a Buddhist temple and the Six Harmonies Pagoda. Finally, the program concludes with a five day trip to Beijing which includes visits to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. From a business perspective, students will also visit a variety of corporations to learn how operations and human resources are management in China. Past corporate visits include: Lenovo, John Deere, and Lord.

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