Italy – Ethics & Law

This program is now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Poole College of Management is pleased to announce this new program focusing on the role of ethics and law in international business while studying in Northern Italy. Taking advantage of the academic expertise of the host institution, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, participants learn from leading scholars and business men and women regarding ethics and law. The classroom topics are brought to life as students participate in corporate visits to both local and multinational businesses. Furthermore, students engage in a variety of cultural visits around Milan to get a better understanding of Italian culture and how its rich history impacts Italian business.

Program Dates

May 16 – June 23, 2018


Piacenza, Italy




MIE 305 | Legal and Regulatory Environment

Introduction to contract, tort and agency law, the judicial system, common law, statutory law, and constitutional law. Review and discussion of the major legal and regulatory issues affecting business including ethics, fiduciary duty, white collar crime, dispute resolution, intellectual property, international, and product safety laws.

PHI 214 | Issues in Business Ethics

An analysis and evaluation of major issues in business ethics. Topics include the social responsibility of business; social justice and free enterprise; the rights and duties of employers, employees, manufacturers, and consumers; duties to the environment, the world’s poor, future generations, and the victims of past injustices; the moral status of the corporation; and the ethics of advertising.

M 298 | Doing Business in Italy

This experiential course combines in-class learning with out-of-classroom experiences to learn how business is done in Italy from multiple perspectives.


MIE 201

Calendar & Excursions

The Ethics and Law program is based the small, authentic Italy town of Piacenza. Students experience the Italian culture while eating at local restaurants, exploring the town, and enjoying the many plazas where families and friends gather late into the evening. The program is hosted by the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and students learn from local faculty members who are experts in ethics and law. Visits to local corporations enhances the topics being discussed in the classroom setting.

Students are also exposed to the major historical and tourist sights of Italy with a mid-semester excursion throughout beautiful Tuscany and Florence.

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