Spain – Intro to Business & Microeconomics

Participants on the Sevilla program learn about the basics of business practices and microeconomics through visits to numerous cultural and business sites. Students have the opportunity to enjoy tasting at an olive grove as well as a famous vineyard. This program includes excursions to Cordoba, Granada, Toledo, Madrid, and numerous museums and other historical sites. To view photos from past programs, please click here.

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Program Dates

May 15 – June 22, 2019


Sevilla, Spain




MIE 201 | Introduction to Business Processes

Cross-functional treatment of major activities of business, such as product design, distribution, production, and marketing. Description of specific tasks, via lectures and case studies, in support of major business activities. Interactions among various functional areas of business.

EC 201 | Principles of Microeconomics

Scarcity, production possibilities, and opportunity cost. Supply and demand analysis, free markets, the price system, and government policy. Microeconomic analysis of business decisions in competitive and noncompetitive markets. Labor markets, capital, and natural resource markets, and externalities. Market breakdown, income redistribution, and role of government. Free trade, tariffs, and gains from international trade. Credit will not be given for both EC 201 and either ARE 201 or EC 205.

M 380 | Doing Business in Spain

This experiential course combines in-class learning with out-of-classroom experiences to learn how business is done in Spain from multiple perspectives.


No pre-requisites.

Calendar and Excursions

From attending a flamenco show to visiting an olive grove, students explore the rich Spanish culture through a variety of activities, events, and excursions within Sevilla and throughout Spain. Home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sevilla is bursting with unique charm. It’s not uncommon for families to be leisurely strolling through the city plaza late into the evening. Students explore Sevilla by visiting local businesses as well as historic landmarks such as the Alcazar Palace.

Beyond Sevilla, students spend a long weekend in Granada and Cordoba for a mid-semester break and finish the program with a capstone trip to Toledo and Barcelona. Students visit many famous sights in Barcelona including la Sagrada Familia.

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