Meet CJ Falchi

Student Profile


What is your Major?

Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing

Where is your hometown and what countries/states/cities have you lived in?

Holly Springs, NC but have lived in Apex, NC most of my life

What institution did you attend before transferring to NC State?

Wake Technical Community College

What made you choose NC State? 

Before my senior year of high school, I attended a summer camp at NC State’s Design College and fell in love with the campus and the community. I also had friends that went to State that showed me around and were leaders of organizations that I was interested in (American Marketing Association, Poole Ambassadors, etc.). I also like the ability to be close to my family but experience living on my own.

What drew you to the Poole College of Management and a career in business?

In high school, I took business classes and was involved with DECA and wanted to continue growing professionally. Through DECA, I was introduced to business competitions and favored marketing which inspired me to learn more about the creative side of business. I also wanted to hold leadership positions and spark innovation in clubs unique to Poole.

What were you most looking forward to when you joined Poole College?

Coming into college, I was interested in being introduced to a larger community of business students and to meet people who shared my interests in marketing and digital media. I wanted to contribute my skills in any way possible and meet new friends along the way. I am also interested in learning from my favorite professors in my concentration classes and the Data Analytics Honors Program.

What advice would you give a transfer student looking to come to NC State/Poole College?

Get involved with a club that compliments your interests, even if the organization isn’t the same as your concentration. There are all kinds of student organizations that would love to have you as a member and potentially in a leadership role. You can meet a ton of great friends and use these experiences to determine your path in Poole.

Have you had professional experience before coming to Poole College?

Coming into Poole, I had an internship with the Holly Springs Salamanders (a local CPL Baseball team) that allowed me to practice my marketing skills in a real world setting as a Social Media/Promotions intern. My experience ensured that I wanted to study marketing and inspired me to come into Poole eager to apply myself to more real world situations. When I got to Poole, I was inspired to work with more realistic scenarios in the Creative Marketing Solutions Agency where I worked on a team to create focus groups and conduct marketing research.

Are you a member of any professional clubs, committees, or organizations?

The American Marketing Association and Poole College of Management Peer Leaders!

If you are a member of a professional organization, do you hold any leadership positions? 

I am the Vice President of Administration in the NC State American Marketing Association  Chapter. I am also a Peer Leader for an awesome section of First-Year Students in M100.

When you are not at school, what do you enjoy doing for fun? 

Animation, playing guitar, playing video games (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate), listening to music (Chon, Polyphia, and Tyler, the Creator)

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment outside of your academic career?

My greatest accomplishment has been my ability to apply my design skills in a professional setting. In the past year I have watched promotional content that I have created being used for real websites and branding. One of my more recent projects has been creating graphics for the UNC System Office where my dad works. I have created graphics for their Digital Learning Initiative’s annual symposium and website. I also directed and edited three promotional videos for themed nights for the Holly Springs Salamanders which were positively perceived on all social media platforms. I view this as my greatest accomplishment because I have passionately worked to improve these skills since I was young and now I can see them actually having a vital role in successful marketing.

What additional information you would like the Poole College community to know about you? 

I am a student that loves to learn and be apart of creative projects. I am always looking to offer my skills wherever they can be applied and create something truly unique.