Meet Carmen Nurinda

Student Profile

What is your major?

Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Sociology

Where is your hometown and what countries/states/cities have you lived in?

I was born in Raleigh and have lived in Cary my whole life. Before I was a year old I was travelling with my family to Managua, Nicaragua where I visited enough to have memories of growing up there as well as here in the states.

What institution did you attend before transferring to NC State?

Wake Technical Community College.

What made you choose NC State?

What made me choose NC State was the location, affordability, reputation, and amazing business program they have through the Poole College of Management.

What drew you to the Poole College of Management and a career in business?

I knew I wanted to go into the field of business my senior year of high school at Vernon Malone College and Career Academy. I was lucky enough to have taken courses in Simulation and Game Development through Wake Tech while I was still enrolled in high school and found that I gravitated more to the business side of that industry and was naturally inclined to business relations. I later found that marketing was specifically what I enjoyed the most and was able to apply the graphic design knowledge I learned in the SGD program to creating marketing materials when I later needed it.

What were you most looking forward to when you joined Poole College?

What I was looking forward to the most when I first joined Poole College was the courses I would be able to take, and being around other individuals who enjoyed business as much as I do.

What advice would you give a transfer student looking to come to NC State/Poole College?

Some advice I would give a transfer student looking to come into NC State/ Poole College would be to hit the ground running! Get involved, make sure to plan out classes that will help you in the long run and never take something just to fill a space when you could be learning something you’re truly interested in. The resources are there, get involved and find them!

Have you had professional experience before coming to Poole College?

Yes and no. Professional experience in marketing or in the spectrum of the business industry no, however I was lucky enough to have professional customer service experience when working in various positions through Wake Tech. More specifically being an Admissions Specialist and Enrollment Assistant introduced me to the world of customer service in the education industry, which I enjoyed greatly.

Are you a member of any professional clubs, committees, or organizations?

Yes, I am currently a member and on the executive board of Mi Familia at NC State, and ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals for America), and am a Peer Leader in the Poole College of Management.

What leadership positions have you held? 

I am on the executive board in ALPFA as the vice president of professional development and the Event Director for Mi Familia at NC State.

When you are not at school, what do you enjoy doing for fun? 

When I am not in school I work on Saturdays at the Cary Farmers Market for one of the companies for which I am interning, Five Star Coffee Roasters, I also enjoy watching movies, playing video games, reading, and creating art mostly with ink as well as pins and thread. I am a horror movie buff and make it a habit to go to premieres for horror movies I think will be good.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment outside of your academic career?

Outside of my academic career, my greatest accomplishment would be how involved I am with my family and how I have memorized the history of political unrest in Nicaragua from 1970-2019 and can verbally recite it.

What other information you would like the Poole College community to know about you?

I am currently interning at two companies, Five Star Coffee Roasters and De La Finca Coffee Importers and am on the Latin Heritage Month Committee through the multicultural student affairs office.