Meet Mauricio Carrillo

Student Profile

What is your major?

Majors: Business Administration (operations and supply chain concentration), International Studies (Latin America Concentration), Minors: Ethics, Spanish

What is your graduation year? 

Spring 2019

Where is your hometown?

Selma, North Carolina

What organizations are you involved in while being a student? 

Outside of NC State I was involved in the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Within NC State I was involved in the IBM-NCSU Pathfinder Mentoring Program, Culture to Culture Ambassador Program, PCOM Peer Leaders, Supply Chain Club, Association of Latino Professionals for America, Photography Club, Global and Arts Village, and Juntos.

What internships have you had while being a student at NC State? 

I was a Summer Conference Ambassador at NC State University Housing Summer of 2016. I was a Trade Compliance Intern at Guerbet Summer of 2017. I was a Regions Operations Intern at Speedway LLC in the Summer of 2018.

What are your current plans for your preferred future career? 

I will be in the Global Supply Chain Advanced Development Program at Schneider Electric upon Graduation. After two years of being in the program, I plan to pursue a Masters of Business Administration Degree to continue my goal of being a Latino, Global Supply Chain Professional.

Have you studied abroad while being a student at NC State?


Where have you studied abroad and when? 

I studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador in the Fall of 2017.

Why did you choose NC State and Poole College for your education?

I chose NC State because it was close to my hometown and had a great program for people who are undecided in what they want to pursue. I chose Poole College due to matching business administration with the results of the Strengths Inventory and MBTI assessments that I took freshman year.

How has your experience in your specific Poole program at NC State contributed to your professional achievements and successes so far?

My experience has connected me with professionals and mentors that have opened my eyes up to what is possible in the world through hard work and determination.

What do you enjoy most about your time in your Poole College of Management program?

I have enjoyed the mentors within the program and the individuals, both professionals and students that are invested in my success.

What advice do you have for prospective Poole students?

My advice is to continue to push yourself in regards to your education, your goals, and where you see yourself in life. I also advise to keep connections throughout your undergrad through meeting for coffee, sending an email, or connecting on LinkedIn. Those connections will be invaluable going forward when you need advice or recommendations.