Meet Maya Lee

Student Profile

What is your major? 

Business Administration – Marketing, International Studies – Global Relations. Minor in Spanish.

What is your graduation year? 

Spring 2021

Where is your hometown?

Raleigh, NC

What organizations are you involved in while being a student? 

Since being at NC State I am actively involved in the NC State Small Coed Cheerleading Team, a Peer Leader in PCOM, a University Ambassador, an Alexander Hamilton Scholar, a CAT Student-Athlete Scholar, and a Multicultural Student Affairs Scholar.

What internships have you had while being a student at NC State? 

I have not had the opportunity to complete any internships due to studying abroad with PCOM in Sevilla, Spain last summer. But this summer I hope to receive an internship with a company in California.

What are your current plans for your preferred future career? 

After graduation, I plan to stay in the US for a couple of years before pursuing my dream in doing business internationally (specifically in Spanish-speaking countries) and help establish more stable economies in Latin & Central America.

Have you studied abroad while being a student at NC State?


Where have you studied abroad and when? 

I studied abroad during Summer Session I in 2018 in Sevilla, Spain with the Poole College of Management. So far, it is the greatest experience I have had since being in college. I got to explore Europe and enhance my Spanish speaking skills while I was there and I am extremely thankful to the Alexander Hamilton Scholars program within PCOM for assisting me in paying for the trip.

Why did you choose NC State and Poole College for your education?

I’ve been surrounded by the business lifestyle my entire life. Both of my parents work for Cisco Systems & 3/4 of my grandparents majored in Business in college. It’s something that compliments my family and personality very well and feels natural to me. Poole is well known as an excellent NC Business School & NC State being located in my hometown made it an easy transition for me to stay in Raleigh & attend NC State University.

How has your experience in your specific Poole program at NC State contributed to your professional achievements and successes so far?

The Poole College of Management is the most outgoing and friendly college on campus and provides many opportunities to join organizations and accommodate quickly. The advisors and diversity board are very active in making sure I feel like I am getting all of the assistance and opportunities that I need to help me work towards my ultimate goal (career) on a daily basis. I would have never gone to Spain my freshman year if it hadn’t been for some of the advisors & Poole Global.

What do you enjoy most about your time in your Poole College of Management program?

Studying Abroad in Spain & Being a Peer Leader for M100.

What are a few of the most impactful classes/lessons you learned during your time at Poole?

The things you learn in the classroom are a lot more applicable to life. We learn communication skills, how to deal with money and career options during our first year in Poole through M100. This class helped me better understand who I am in relation to who I want to be and helped me cultivate a path to get there.

What advice do you have for prospective Poole students?

It may seem like NC State is strictly an Agricultural and Engineering university, but it isn’t. Poole is kind of the hidden gem of the whole university and the Poole staff is extremely talented in assisting in the success of their students and the university as a whole.

What do you believe is your most interesting accomplishment since starting at NC State/Poole?

Helping start and continue a Mental Health Awareness Initiative for Student-Athletes on campus and partnering with other teams to help bring awareness to other athletes and the community as a whole.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

In the future, I hope to work with a socially innovative company and do business at the international level in foreign countries. NC State University will continue to assist in my self-development and in my ability to perform well at the professional level in the future. Go Pack!