Meet Jason


I am a senior pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Chinese Studies. I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and plan on moving to New York City after graduating in May.

Involvement in the Community

I serve as an ambassador for the Poole College of Management, the Vice President of the International Business Club, and assist in recruiting efforts as a campus ambassador for Ernst & Young. This semester I will lead presentations at my high school focused on the importance of going to college and studying abroad.

Living in Raleigh

One of my favorite things about Raleigh is the exposure to a wide variety of professionals. Since my first year at NC State, I have had the opportunity to network with individuals ranging from startup CEOs to public accountants.

Something I’ve Learned That I’ve Already Used

The technical skills taught in the courses that focus on analytics helped tremendously with performing well in my financial consulting internships. In addition to the technical skills, I have been able to develope as a professional through the networking and career development events hosted in the Poole College of Management.

Professional Goals

After graduation, I will be starting my financial consulting career with Ernst & Young in New York.

Your “Defining the Future of Business” Moment

The Poole College of Management has provided me with many opportunities to learn how businesses operate in today’s globalizing marketplace. From getting involved in extracurricular activities and studying abroad in Hong Kong for a semester, I have been able to develop a better understanding of how the world is connected through business.

Why Poole?

Every industry relies on the principles of business to succeed.  The Poole College of Management offers a strong foundation, and equips students with the skills to succeed in a variety of careers. Speaking with students and experiencing the Wolfpack community is what ultimately lead to me coming to NC State.

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