Meet Radhika


I’m a senior studying Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and IT and am a part of the Analytics Honors Undergraduate Program. I had the opportunity to intern with Cisco this past summer in RTP. I have loved my time at NC State and am glad I made the decision to spend my four years of college here.  I am from Charlotte, NC, but originally from India.

Involvement in the Community

I am involved in the Poole College of Management Student Ambassadors, EKTAA (South Asian Student Organization) and Nazaare (Bollywood-Fusion Dance Team).

Living in Raleigh

Spending my college years in Raleigh has been great. With three incredible universities and the Research Triangle Park close by, Raleigh is full of opportunities for young adults. I have made many connections with professionals in the area because of NC State’s location. There’s plenty to do especially because NC State is close to Downtown Raleigh. It’s definitely a exciting city to live in!

Something I’ve Learned That I’ve Already Used

I recently interned at Cisco in Research Triangle Park and to my surprise, I was able to make a difference, even as an intern. The interns were given a project, and I was able to provide a solution with one of the analytics programs that I learned about in my course at NC State. It is really exciting to see the application of tools from the classroom being applied in the “real world.”

Professional Goals

I hope to work in the tech industry and apply my knowledge of Finance, IT, and data analytics. I plan to get my Masters in Analytics after working for a few years. I also hope to be heavily involved in the community and to give back to NC State as it has done so much for me. My goal in life is to leave my mark on the world in some way, shape, or form.

Your “Defining the Future of Business” Moment

The Poole College has recently developed an undergraduate Data Analytics Honors Program, which consists of 2 courses and a practicum course. I joined this program and found it to be extremely rewarding, as it has introduced me to tools and analytics solutions that I was able to use in my internship. It even opened my eyes to pursuing my Masters in Analytics because I found the material so intriguing. This program is unique and sets the Poole College apart.

Why Poole?

From the day I received my acceptance letter from NC State, I also received my acceptance to the Poole College of Management. I didn’t have to apply to the Poole College separately after my acceptance to NC State. The ability to start business classes from freshman year is something unique to the Poole College because not many universities allow freshmen to take business courses. This allowed to realize early on that Business Administration was the right choice of major for me. Additionally, I was impressed with the relationships the Poole College has with employers and saw this as an opportunity for success in my future career.

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