Meet Tucker


I was born in Cincinnati, OH and moved to Winston Salem when I was 3. I’ve continued to live in the Winston area for my entire life. I’m currently a senior, double majoring in Accounting with an Internal Audit concentration and Business Administration with a Finance concentration. I became a part of Poole Ambassadors my freshman year, where I currently serve as president.

Involvement in the Community

I am involved in Sigma Chi Fraternity and Poole College of Management Student Ambassadors.

Living in Raleigh

Raleigh has everything! Not only is in a hub for technology and business, it also has an amazing downtown, great food, and of course NC State.

Something I’ve Learned That I’ve Already Used

When I came into college, I never expected to have a professor that would actually inspire me. My junior year, it happened in the most unexpected place; my 8am Tax Accounting class. There, I received some of the greatest career and life advice from one of my professors, Brad Lindsey, and have tried to live it throughout my college career. On our last day of class, he told us that whether its in our career or life in general, things happen that you can’t control and that who we are defined as is based on how we react to adversity. The last thing he told us that our best was always good enough, and to never get down on ourselves if we truly tried our hardest. Ever since that class, I’ve tried to keep that in mind in almost every aspect of my life.

Professional Goals

I hope to pursue a career in banking or capital markets and then go back to school and get my MBA. My dream job would be to work in venture capital for restaurants.

Your “Defining the Future of Business” Moment

I would say that the Professional Development Expo is one of the best events that we have at the Poole College of Management. It starts with information sessions that students can attend that are led by professionals from some of the area’s biggest companies. Following the information sessions, there is a networking event with the different companies.

Why Poole?

One thing about Poole that really appealed to me was the fact that you were in the business school right out of the gate. I liked this because I knew it’d give me plenty of time to figure out exactly what major/ concentration I wanted to focus on and would give me a breadth of knowledge from the process. Also, the fact that they had advising and career development staff on site was something unique that I hadn’t heard about from a lot of other institutions.

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