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Online Course Delivery Resources

Summer School 2020

To help you better determine whether taking a specific Poole summer course is doable, we are providing the following information in the Google sheet below for both undergraduate and graduate courses for both summer sessions:

  • Course number/section – Each course and section may be designed and run by the instructor in a different way with different requirements; use the Google sheet to find your specific course and section.
  • Mode – There are two primary ways that courses will delivered online this summer: (1) Internet – 1 Way courses are asynchronous (meaning at different times) and will have information, videos, and other course content that does not need to be viewed at a specific time each day, but generally will need to be done prior to a specific deadline; (2) Internet Interactive courses are synchronous (meaning at the same time) and will have required times when you will need to be online for lectures, discussion boards, or other interactive sessions. These times are specified in the Meeting Patterns column of the spreadsheet. Some courses will meet at a specific time every day while others will have only sporadic required meetings.
  • Required Technology – The content and delivery of some courses may require that students have a webcam and/or may require that you have access to a laptop or desktop computer (rather than a phone or tablet).
  • Quiz/Test/Exam Information – Each course has its own way of assessing your learning and this Google sheet provides general information for the course – that may include the need to have a webcam for proctoring or the need to be online at a certain time to take quizzes/tests/exams.
  • Other Information – Though not exhaustive, this sheet also provides other information the instructor thought would be important for you to know.

In most cases, summer courses are not required so we want to make sure that you make the right choice about enrolling. We strongly encourage you to review all the provided information for the courses you are enrolled in or are considering for this summer to ensure that you are making an informed decision.

Note: This information is just a brief summary of important aspects of the online course delivery and does not include all the information that will be found on the course syllabus, the course syllabus and the instructor are the ultimate source of information about course expectations, so please reach out to the instructor if you have any additional questions.

University Online Learning Resources

  • Keep Learning Resource Site
  • NC State Help Desk
    The Office of Information Technology provides help for computing issues. Visit or call 919.515.HELP (4357) to get help now.
  • Tips for succeeding in online classes
  • Libraries
    All library facilities are closed, but the Libraries has expanded access to online resources and loaned technology such as laptops, mobile devices and accessories. To learn more, click here. Quick links for frequently used resources follow.