Poole Leadership Challenge

Get the most out of your college experience –– create a digital portfolio of your co-curricular engagement at Poole and share it with employers.

The Poole Leadership Challenge is designed for undergraduate students to participate, track and showcase outside of classroom experiences through a shareable digital scorecard and portfolio.

This challenge is a friendly competition: You will earn points for attending a Career Fair, presenting at the Leadership and Innovation Showcase and dozens of other activities you already participate in.

Why should you participate? The app helps you structure your engagement at Poole and employers use Suitable to identify top talent.

Sponsored by VF Corporation.

Start the Challenge

Introducing the Poole Leadership Challenge

Learn how the Poole Leadership Challenge works in action.

All experiences are tied to the core competencies

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Attend a Poole Party at the beginning of the semester, participate in the Alternative Spring Break, assume a leadership role in the Poole organization and more.

Global and Intercultural Engagement

Attend Heritage Month events, join an organization that celebrates a different culture, earn the Global Perspectives certificate and more.

Career and Professional Development

Participate in the Etiquette Dinner, attend the Wells Fargo Executive Leadership Series, present your project at the Leadership and Innovation Showcase and more.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

Complete a counseling session with a financial advisor, Serve as a Mental Health Ambassador, lead an exercise class and more.

Interpersonal and Team Dynamics

Complete a CliftonStrengths assessment, a Design Your Life workshop, compete as a team member in the Lulu Egames and more.

Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices

Calculate your Global Footprint, sign up for the Business Sustainability Collaborative newsletter, serve as a Social Innovation fellow and more.

Why Should I Participate?

  • Employers use leaderboards to identify top talent.
  • Competency development is equally as important as a student’s GPA in the hiring process.
  • Competencies are based on what employers are looking for when hiring.
  • The app helps you present your co-curricular engagement to your employers in an easy way.
  • The app helps you organize and plan high-impact experiences at Poole and NC State.

Engage in the activities you normally would and use the Poole Leadership Challenge app to track that engagement.

How Does it Work?

  1. Download Suitable on Apple or Android or use a desktop version at app.suitable.co. See registration details below.
  2. Choose activities across the six core competencies you’d like to engage in. Every activity you complete is instantly added to your scorecard which clearly shows how that activity has helped you progress in terms of competency development. 
  3. Earn points and badges by participating in various activities at Poole and NC State listed in the app.
  4. Every activity you complete and every badge you earn is instantly added onto your Scorecard.
  5. Add your Scoreboard to your LinkedIn profile, resume and email signature.

Mobile Registration Details

Download Suitable App to Register

Mobile Registration Details

  1. Download the Suitable app available in the App or Android app stores. Search for Suitable.
  2. Enter your @ncsu.edu email and press continue.
  3. Copy and paste your password and press Login.


  1. You must use your @ncsu.edu email to login.
  2. You must give Suitable app access to your camera to scan event codes.


Email us at poole_challenge@ncsu.edu with any questions.

The Poole Leadership Challenge is sponsored by VF Corporation.