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Student Profiles

This page showcases the diverse student experiences the Poole College of Management at NC State can offer. A selection of responses from student interviews are shown below.

Portia Keyes (Economics)

Linda Nieto (Business Adminisration, Marketing Concentration)


Name : Portia Keyes
Hometown : The Hilversum, Netherlands
Major : Economics
Graduating Year : 2014

What are some of the activities you are involved in within the Poole College and on campus at NC State?

I currently am a Student Ambassador for the Poole College of Management, where I get to serve the student body and help represent the Poole College.  Outside of the college, I am a member of the University Scholars Program, as well as a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  Along with these involvements, I am also serving as a Peer Mentor for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.

With your international background, how did you hear about and choose to attend NC State's Poole College?

Living overseas in the Netherlands, I was not familiar with many schools in the area.  My father had been living in North Carolina for a few years, and encouraged me to apply to the Poole College.  It has turned out amazing, and I'm glad that I landed here in Raleigh.  There is always something to do in Raleigh, and there is a very diverse population of people here, which is great!  Raleigh is also a great location for me because the city offers so many opportunities to serve the community and participate in outreach activities.

What has been your most valuable class at NC State?  Why?

Since coming to campus here in the Poole College, I would say that my most valuable class has been "Introduction to Interpersonal Communication."  The class has given me the opportunity to learn about different styles of communication, and the importance behind being able to interact with various types of personalities.  The application of these lessons have helped me to build and strengthen my relationships with all of my friends and colleagues here at NC State!

If you could give advice to any incoming students into the Poole College, what words of wisdom would you offer?

  • Take advantage of the free time you will have early in your collegiate career.  Make sure you keep your academics high, because many opportunities later on will be looking for students who have excelled in their classes and in the surrounding community.
  • Get to know your academic advisor!  There are so many opportunities available to our students, and the advisors are waiting to help you take advantage of everything.  The advisors are very personable and friendly, and getting to know them only helps to discover internships and resources you might not otherwise find.
  • Make a difference on campus.  With the location of Raleigh, there are a myriad of ways to get involved with the Poole College, NC State, and the Raleigh community.  Whether it be with a group of students or something you do by yourself, I strive to get involved and make lasting changes for my community!  I have been involved as an Ambassador in the Poole College and as a Peer Mentor in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, but find your niche area and give back to those who have helped you succeed!

Name : Linda Nieto
Hometown : Bogotá, Colombia
Major : Business Administration - Finance
Minors : Accounting and Spanish
Graduating Year : 2013

What has been your most rewarding involvement within the Poole College and on campus at NC State?

My most rewarding involvement has been serving as a Poole College Peer Leader.  As a part of the Peer Leaders group, I am able to help lead and support our freshman students as they arrive on campus, which for me has been a rewarding experience.  The Peer Leaders were there for me when I came to campus, and being able to do the same for our incoming students is why this involvement has been the most rewarding.

What are your top three reasons you like living in Raleigh, N.C. area?

  • Quality of Life : Raleigh is home to a diverse set of residents in terms of race, religion, beliefs, and much more.  The residents may seem varied, but they share one main trait.  Raleigh consistently ranks in the top five for Most Educated US Cities, along with many other national rankings.  The climate is amazing, and there are entertainment options for every type of person.
  • High-Growth Area : With the great education opportunities and presence of the Research Triangle Park, the Raleigh-Durham area is one of the nation's most high-growth locations in the country.  With professional sports teams like the Carolina Hurricanes and the first state-sponsored symphony in the nation, Americans are drawn to the capital city of North Carolina.
  • Young Professional Hub : The Raleigh area produces some of the best students in the nation, and as such, corporations are setting up camp to offer great positions to our graduates.  Whether it be SAS, Cisco, IBM, Caterpillar, or any number of other companies in the area, Poole College graduates recognize the opportunities available within an arm's grasp.

Have you or do you plan to study abroad through one of the Poole College opportunities?

In the upcoming semester of Spring 2012, I will be traveling abroad to study for the semester in Madrid, Spain.  I will be studying at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas, and taking courses while getting the opportunities to travel the world.  With multiple housing options and easy walking access to the many attractions of Madrid, I am excited for my upcoming semester and am ready to take advantage of this opportunity.  I really advise students to study abroad to get different global perspective, which is especially important for students like myself majoring in business.

What are some of the points about NC State that stick out to you?

  • The Libraries : The resources and amenities of the NC State Libraries is something which with all student will become familiar.  The DH Hill library is home to not only an exhaustive amount of literature, but also houses the Learning Commons and countless reservable study rooms.  For students who get hungry during study sessions, DH Hill also offers a coffee shop Hill of Beans and an amazing ice cream shop Howling Cow, with dairy products supplied by the NC State cows and the Food Science department.  With the building of the James B. Hunt, Jr. Library, the resources available to students will be extraordinary.
  • The amazing student services : NC State goes to great lengths to make sure that our students have everything needed and wanted, to help them exceed in their academic pursuits.  With the on-campus Student Health Center and the Carmichael Gym Complex, the University maintains amazing student services that students enjoy utilizing.
  • University Pride : Both in and out of the classroom, the campus community shares in Wolfpack pride.  Professors strive to develop new technological breakthroughs, and students assist in every capacity along the way. Outside the classroom, the NC State community fills the stands to help support our student athletes succeed, and Wolfpack pride is all around in every organization and community service event.  That is one aspect which I truly enjoy, and a great sticking point about NC State!