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College happens outside of the classroom too. Poole College and NC State offer many opportunities to get involved, try new things, find people who share your interests and discover yourself. It’s not about doing it all - it's about learning to do YOU well! Research also shows that being more involved in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities can improve your GPA and help you feel more satisfied with your overall college experience.

Looking to get involved?

Learn more about student organizations and see what events are happening in Poole.

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Student Organizations and Clubs

An easy way to get involved in Poole is to join a student organization. There are over 20 student clubs and organizations to choose from that engage students with a larger professional network! These students are working outside of the classroom to take their business experience a step further. Stretch out of your comfort zone! Try a group you don’t know much about and see what you discover.

Here is an example from the NC State American Marketing Association showing us how student organizations take an application of business to the next level:

The Poole Leadership Program

The Poole Leadership Program helps you track your involvement outside the classroom. 

We created the Poole Leadership Program to help you organize and track your professional development as you work toward building competencies in 6 key areas that employers value when they recruit NC State students. Tracking is done through the Suitable app. You’ll earn points for each activity and will simultaneously build a digital portfolio of your work that you can share with potential employers or others interested in your development. You can also earn a Leadership Certificate from the College through the Poole Leadership Program.

Look under each of the 6 competency areas below to find examples of how you might engage in that area.

Get Involved As A Transfer Student!

Hear from our transfer students on ways they’ve connected with students and organizations within Poole.

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Join Tau Sigma at NC State!

Tau Sigma is a national academic honor society for transfer students who achieve a GPA greater than or equal to 3.5 during their first semester at NC State University. Tau Sigmau2019s mission is to “recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students.” The NC State chapter was founded in Fall 2015, and the first official induction ceremony of our chapter membership will occur in Spring 2016. NC State’s Tau Sigma chapter is one 150 chapters throughout the US, and among 12 chapters in North Carolina.

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Yusuf Mahmoud

Yusuf tells students about the benefit of applying yourself on campus, the importance of having multiple paths, and creating lasting experiences from his involvement.

Carmen Nurinda

Carmen describes her experience transferring from Wake Technical Community College and the numerous ways shes found her place in Poole!