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Facts & Figures

Poole College was ranked #1 in the number of students who go abroad at NC State.

Poole has the most students who study abroad at NC State with 412 students (graduate and undergraduate majors).


increase in students studying abroad since 2010.

1 out of every 5

Students who study abroad at NC State is from Poole College. This is significant as we represent approximately 10% of the study body.


of undergraduate students are participating in study abroad this academic year.


total Poole students (undergraduate & graduate, majors & minors) study abroad or who were projected to study abroad during AY 2022-2023.

5 Language Tracks

in Poole College’s International Business Dual Degree Program. 64 students have chosen to study in China, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.


College-Specific Study Abroad Group Programs in 2023.

Founding member of the Global Seminar Series with four international business schools.